Feature Request: Linking two related Patreon accounts

I know I have a somewhat unique use case but I’d love to be able to link up Patreon accounts that are related to one another, and allow people to bundle their pledges in an easy way.

I make a podcast (Flash Forward) that is set up to charge per episode. (I know that this isn’t the preferred setup and has been described as “legacy” by Patreon folks, but I’m not really in a position to change to monthly because doing so would cut my annual earnings by 40%.) I’m now launching a new spinoff show that’s in the Flash Forward universe but is not the Flash Forward podcast. Some fans of Flash Forward will likely be interested in supporting the new show, but also feel a bit piqued by having to add another separate Patreon pledge (with fees of its own) to do so. It would be very cool if I could somehow link these two so that people could donate as a bundle or separately if they wanted to.



Hey @rose.eveleth! Thanks so much for this request. This is something we do hear from creators with multiple projects that are connected but separate. I will pass this along to the team as we are currently exploring ways to improve this experience, for both the creators and patrons.


I’d like this feature, too! And I’m also on a pay per model. I have a second account so that those who wanted to switch could do it without losing my income on the other one and absolutely no one made the switch. So… it may be legacy but my people definitely seem to prefer it.

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