Feature request: Multilingual platform

Hi Patreon team!
All of us, creators, even those who are not English speakers (as me!) speaks more or less english:
We need to know a little about the language, to dare to open our channel in an English-speaking platform
But our patrons don’t, they don’t speak English in an essential and uniform way.

At least in my case where the contents of my channel are in Spanish, my patrons are Spanish speakers who face a payment platform in English, with no few doubts, and translator in hand, to access their desired content in Spanish …

I bring my patrons to my Patreon channel through the publicity that I self-make or make other patrons in various networks
Spanish-speaking networks

But the fact that the platform is in English, means that in many cases, in which the patrons either have no knowledge of the language, or have no network management, they directly prefer not to take risks and keep the other free options that I offer (publications in social networks, blog and forums): So they don’t sign up … and not because they can’t afford a payment of 5 or 10 usd … but because they don’t dare to do it on a platform that doesn’t speak their language and asks for your card number

Then … there are the risky who try … and stop at some step: they do not understand something … and they ask me (I have to do almost tutorials): this is an almost bureaucratic work and it takes time to other more interesting tasks.
Avoidable if the platform were at least translatable (and no, it is not entirely: the texts are translated by the translator, the buttons are not )… Sometimes,hey get, buy some others they remain, lost in a limbo … but without signing up)

Of course, there are those who get it without a problem …

But I think many patrons and not a few creators are lost for this issue.

I think that Patreon would earn much more being multilingual, and non-English-speaking creators would be very grateful (apart from that you would extend much more as a company in countries of other languages …)

Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, German, Russian … if Patreon wants to grow up, he will have to learn languages!

thanks for take my proposal in conssideration. Hugs!


Yes! I plan to go semi-bilingual (I’m working on translating my existing content, so it’s a slow process), and having the ability to post in more then one language would be awesome!

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I would like to insist in this idea too. I can’t believe this is so difficult for a company like Patreon. Yes, it would be very difficult to have all the support resources translated, but we are not asking translation for creators. New patrons need translation to join!

And a button to select post language in the creator’s main page (auto translated by Google translator, for instance) would help keep them shorter and nicer, let alone the time we could save!

Just supporting patdelavega’s request, and reminding about this. It really would bring new patrons that don’t want to admit they don’t understand enough English.


Hi @patdelavega, thank you for the request! This is something we do want to build one day to go alongside our work of launching international currencies which we’ve been discussing, but it’s probably not going to happen in 2019. I will keep you posted if I hear any more on this in the future :slight_smile:


The first time I asked for a german translation was back in 2017.
They wrote: Yes, we have it on our agenda.

Now is 2020, and nothing has happened so far…


Any updates on this feature? It would be awesome! I need French! S’il vous plait!

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Hey folks, thanks for all the continued interest in this. We’ll be sharing an update in the next month or so that will provide a more detailed update. However, sadly I can’t say much more at this time! Thanks for being patient.


I know this has been discussed for a while, but I think it’s still relevant. I’ve been focusing on US patrons market but now that I want to extend it to my Spanish speaking audience, it would be SO useful that I could post something in both languages. Also, if the tiers could be published in both languages, (obviously translated by me). Hopefully the Patreon team could deliver that soon.


I want to up this post.
I don’t understand how it’s possible that patreon don’t have multilanguage or at least, the most talked languages like spanish, for me, it’s difficult to read all the info that patreon send me in english and try to understand.

do you have plans to add spanish language in a near future?

+1 on this feature request

It would be great to have the possibility to choose in which language to publish a post, so that our patrons can filter all the posts depending on the language they want to see.
And there should be the possibility to create the tiers titles and descriptions in different languages as well.