Feature Request: Notifications and Search

Please for the love of your favorite universal force:
Color code or shade code new notifications, or group them together regardless of category. When clicked the notifications button should jump the creator right to said notification.

Also, searching? Why can’t I search for other Patreon poets while on Patreon easily? I should not have to click “see all results” instead I should be taken to the results page and be able to use filters for advanced searching This is not 1994, this is not Yahoo Search. Filters! Granularity! Help?

Many thanks.

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Hi @Mari, welcome to the forum! Thanks for joining and making this post.

  1. Notifications: thank you for the feedback around this. Notification improvements are a large pain point for creators and I will make a separate thread to fully understand the needs and wants.
  2. Search: We did write a blog post about this, which you can read here. Please read it and let me know your thoughts. The hope is these community spaces can allow creators to interact and find others for inspiration.


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