[Feature Request] Page Age

It would be great to add in a simple line of code for each creator page that showed when it was created. Will give new visitors an idea of how long a creator has been at it on Patreon.

Something like “Creating since [date]” or any one of the clever one liners possible.

Right now the only way to tell how long someone has been a creator on Patreon is to look through their posts. :tada:


That may worth an A/B test, but I wouldn’t want it unless it’s optional (like the number of subscribers or cash pledged is right now).

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It might be nice for me to have in a few years, but I’m really small on Patreon despite having had a page since 2015. So a page age feature would make it look kind of like I’ve either grown really slowly or like I’m not offering a worthwhile product. It could have the effect of making potential patrons think twice about signing up?