Feature Request: Paginated Post History

So there I was, going through my old posts to find outdated instructions so I can delete them. I’m working on some index posts besides to try to make finding good posts easier for my patrons, so I’m dutifully copy pasting links in a notepad doc. I’d made it through to the end of 2017, and Patreon was slowing to a crawl as it tried to load the next batch of posts.

Unfortunately, when it loaded, I clicked the wrong thing, was sent to Patreon U, and lost thirty minutes of progress.

This is frustrating for a lot of reasons. I have 4-5 years of content on my blog and loading that far back is just going to get worse and worse. Infinite scroll (tucked behind Load More buttons) is unwieldy for the amount of content I have, and I’d much rather just have a paginated archive that doesn’t increase the load.

The other reason is that I had a new patron delve all the way back (wow, dedication!) and submit entries to surveys and reward fulfillment that are no longer available. I’m trying to get back to those posts and delete them, but unfortunately, it’s proving a lot harder than I expected to get there.

Anywho. Ideally, Patreon would have a better way to explore content besides tags (many of these posts pre-date the tag system) and hand-made indices, and some way to expire posts. But barring that, paginated archives would be lovely!

Thanks for your hard work, y’all!


Ah man, please ;o; Back when tags was a new feature, it was the biggest pain to go back and edit every post. Adding a ‘search’ would be great too. Anything to help with pages that have loads of post history.


Absolutely right. On my page are roughly between 4,000 and 5,000 pictures. Happy scrolling if you wanted to get to the first one. I have a OneDrive account where I now upload zip files which I post a link to on Patreon, and the links are tagged “Archive”. So patrons can access the content easier. However, I didn’t do it for the older stuff. No time for that.


I would also like an automatic index page for posts.


Yeah index rather than endless scrolling. UGH