[Feature Request] Pinned Posts

Could you add a feature to allow us to pin a post so that it appears before any non-pinned posts?

All other functionality would stay as is - chronological ordering, filtering, etc.

It should be possible to pin multiple posts. Again, any pinned posts are simply displayed before any non-pinned posts.

My use case is that I have created one post which contains an index into a set of posts. The index is simply a list of links which allows the user to jump straight to the post based on the post title (or whatever description I put in the index). This is good, but it has the problem that when I submit another post, the index post is no longer at the top of the list. My aim would be to pin the index post so that it always appeared at the top, even when new posts were added.


Hi @AndrewD, thanks for making your first post and welcome to the forum!

We actually have an Open Studio post all about this request and providing a first look at what this feature might look like. Please take a look here and leave your feedback about the proposed designs and answer the questions asked by design team: Open Studio #6: Improving support for About section

Thanks in advance! Your feedback and insights are so valuable and appreciated by all of us at Patreon.