Feature Request: Please remember the last Publish setting

I tend to write long Patreon posts for my supporters, and so I regularly want to “Save as Draft” to ensure that I don’t lose any of my work.

What drives me crazy, is that after every time that I change the drop-down to save as draft, click save, the option resets to Publish!

While I can maybe understand that most people only need one save before publishing (and perhaps new users may otherwise forget where the publish button is) - having this option constantly default to “Publish” is an incredible inconvenience for me.

I have genuinely Published a post prematurely due to this UI setup, which I then had to rush to finish, because I accidentally published it before it was ready (and you only have one shot to get the content right for e-mails :cry:)

Please can you either:

  1. Have TWO separate buttons: [SAVE DRAFT], and [PUBLISH NOW/SCHEDULE], or…

  2. Remember and respect the last drop-down option set
    (e.g. if I change it to [Save Draft], keep that option - so that I can keep pressing it until I am ready to Publish).


I hear you, @Liquidream. Thank you for calling this out, I can see how this causes confusion when you are drafting posts. I’ve made note and will share your feedback with the team. :slight_smile:


I know I replied before, but I just wanted to emphasize how nice this feature would be! :slight_smile:

Ahh yes, this drives me nuts. I save multiples times too and I’ve accidentally posted before, but luckily the post was almost done, so it wasn’t too bad. I’d be down with any of these ideas: separate buttons, saved drop down, or even an auto save.

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Oh yeah, that would be swell, too!


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