[Feature Request] Post to FOLLOWERS

I feel that some people are reluctant to sign up to patreon if the can just see the free posts when they aren’t even logged in. I think it would be awesome if we could allow fans to see some posts for free, but only if they are currently following (meaning they have to sign up/log in). It will be just like creating any other post but instead of choosing “public” or “patrons-only”, it will be “followers-only”.
This is not only a great way to help people sign up to Patreon but also makes them have to follow you to see content, which means they might return to see more content when they get notified, which may lead to more pledges.

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:


Hi there @OdeChan, thank you so much for making this feature request :slight_smile: I’ve passed it on to the product team and they let me know that this is something we have thought about before. Follows are a great tool that we could do more to leverage so I really appreciate you bringing this up. Have you noticed good follower to patron conversion? I’m wondering what you saw that made you think of this as I’d love to learn more!