Feature Request: Searchable Message System

I’d like to suggest / request that the message system gets a search functionality, or some way to find the message history with a single patron.

At the moment, if you message multiple patrons at once, they get batched together, and you can’t easily find them. It even obscures the names of ones after the first. Sending multiple messages to a patron also doesn’t stack them together, it instead makes a new thread between you and them.

If you make a lot of contact with patrons it’s very difficult to go back through your history. A user search function would save so much time in this regard.


Thanks for the feature request, @Zedrin! This seems like something messaging should be able to do. I’ve reported it to the product team so they review it when they next work on messaging.


Hi @mindy - just wondering if there has been any progress or updates with this? It’s really caused an issue for me.

Today I went back through my Patreon messages to find one that I’d sent previously to multiple patrons, containing the link to a reward. This took forever. It could be easily rectified with:
a) a ‘search’ function in our messages
b) a ‘sent’ folder, or ‘outgoing messages’ folder, so we can easily see private messages sent to patrons

Most importantly, I was really unhappy to find that I could not see which patrons I had sent this group message to. I had messaged 7 different patrons the same message at once (which is a great function), but I have no way to see which 7 patrons the message was sent to. I can only see which patrons replied to the message (only 2 of the 7.) So the other 5 patrons are a complete mystery to me!

I sent those “mass” messages to patrons within certain reward tiers back when we did not yet have the Benefits tracker. Now, I’m trying to go back and add notes for each patron about who has received older benefits/rewards, and I can’t do it for any patrons I messaged as a group. Very frustrating. I really hope this can be fixed.