Feature Request: Set Expiration date/time for file attachment

Hello. I just started Patreon this year and it’s been a very busy and exciting month as a content creator. I’m releasing digital assets (3D Printable Miniatures) every month and I’ve been sharing these files with my patrons on a post with an attachment which is very convenient. However, I realized that I have to delete the attached files on the last day of the month since those files are only for those who pledged on that particular month. I know that other Patreon creators use Dropbox which has this file expiration date feature but I’d rather stick to Patreon native system to curb piracy. I hope Patreon will implement something like this in the near future. Thank you :slight_smile:


Attaching files to posts will not protect you from piracy. There are websites entirely made to skim patreon/paywalled content and there are folks that will sign up and share it. To be honest, the best way (currently) to protect your content is to link only paid folks directly through PM’s to content hosted elsewhere. If you find someone is leaking your content, there are says to find out who it is, but that is for another conversation.

Though yes, having some native patreon content management structures (that are secure) would be great as currently it’s pretty slim. (And apparently deleting posts doesn’t delete the content you uploaded to it, as reported by some other creators, so that is also an issue presently. Unsure if it is just delayed deletion or what, but yeah.)

Do yourself one better and upload them to Gumroad and give your patrons a 100% off discount. :slight_smile: You could upcharge the Gumroad prices to encourage more patrons, and get extra cash from those who purchase from there instead. Also is more protective than native Patreon features.

This is assuming your Patreon content isn’t exclusive, of course.