Feature Request: Show Recurring Billing Patrons

As I understand it. The recent platform change of the patron figure showing all patrons currently active for that month rather than the number of patrons recurring was often requested by members.

But I was so used to that number representing recurring subscriptions that when it suddenly changed it messed up my goals as it jumped up a bunch and also that’s how I’ve ben judging my growth. I can’t find a way now to list only recurring patrons. Short of manually going through list of hundred plus and working it out.

I’d like to request a feature like a tick box that either sets that private (and public facing) patron number back to representing recurring patrons. Or if not that, have recurring as filter option in the patron manager so I can figure out that way.

As far as I can tell the functionality to tell at a glance how many recurring patrons I have disappeared overnight and that’s a shame.


The only way to get the number of active/recurring subscriptions is through the Patreon Relationship Manager, by sorting the “Access Expiration Date” column and substract the number of patrons with cancelled pledges from the total:


Thanks. So it’s a manual count as I suspected? It’s do-able. but doesn’t scale well as you get into the hundreds or if I’m ever that lucky thousands of patrons. Especially when that information used to be at a glance. I appreciate the help in finding a way to do it though. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Yes 100%, I asked something kinda similar in this thread Patron Display Numbers - #3 by Jaide_Harley

I want the old way back! Or at least a way to allow us to select what we see since others prefer the new update, this one just doesn’t work for me.