Feature Request: Tier availability notifications

There are several creators who I would love to be able to pledge at one of their higher tiers but they are limited and at capacity. It would be great if there was a way for me to subscribe to (email?) notifications for when a slot becomes available, to give me the best chance of nabbing it before some lucky devil who happens to browse to the creator’s page at that time does. I feel that this would reward loyal patrons.

Alternatively, a queue system would be even better, but I imagine much more challenging to implement, since I guess it would require holding a payment in some sort of pre-authorised state.


Love this idea! Rewarding loyal patrons with first-chance at high tiers makes total sense. I’ve made a note of this and will be sure to share with the team! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

(I’m responding from email and dont see any responses so far in my inbox with this, but it will only send so many so I’m sorry if I’m repeating someone else.)

This WAS a feature once! I know my patrons and I really miss this option. It would be really awesome to have the option to have it be a feature again. Its not always in the cards for me to make a big post to say something has opened and having an automated email and maybe a notification on the site/app dashboard to those who are interested would be -amazing-.


I LOVE this idea! As to a queue state, if it were possible for a patron to check a box to be notified if a spot opens up in the tier they want to upgrade to. Though I would prefer my patrons who have been with me longer are notified first. Or if we’re given the option of “must be a patron for X amount of months to be notified” would also work.

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This is off topic, but how do you handle scenarios where a slot is filled by a patron who has declined for several months in a row, taking up a slot that isn’t actually being used - do you send a message to them? If they don’t respond, do you block them to get the slot open again? Or do you open a new slot to take the place of the one that’s essentially locked up?

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I would send a message to them to let them know about the decline and give them a general frame of time to either respond and/or correct the matter. After that point, I will add an additional slot to the tier to compensate as I try not to block anyone. Though after some time of no communication, I’d be more inclined to send them another message with my email address, telling them I’m blocking them as Patreon doesn’t allow us to remove someone from a tier any other way, and if they fix things, I’d be happy to unblock them.

i’d love this feature, as both a creator and a patron

I’m glad people like the idea. Fingers crossed it becomes a reality some day :grin: