Feature Request: Tier Overrides

Hi all!

I have an interesting request. I would like the ability to “gift” a higher level tier to a patron or follower and then set an expiration date for it. This would add nothing to my income and cost the follower/patron nothing beyond what they’ve additionally pledged.

You might be asking why I want this. I have some technical reasons. For instance, I have an upper tier where Patrons get to help me design story elements and characters. I have a couple of artists who do work for me and I would love to include them in a discussion without requiring them to pledge the upper levels to do so. Or be able to offer a potential patron a week-long freebie to see what my community is like.

Also, I’ve had a couple of situations where a longtime patron has messaged me and said: “Have some tough times ahead and I have to lower/cancel my membership.” Would be awesome to say “you know what? Next month’s on me,” or even let them stay at the higher tier for a month or two. I even had a patron who had to leave for a few months because of a family emergency (he did come back) and I would have loved to keep him for those missing months because he was a regular participant.

And how cool would it be to have a drawing/giveaway where your low-level patrons could get a free upgrade for the month? Obviously, this wouldn’t work for everybody, but all of my rewards are digital and wouldn’t cost me any extra out of pocket.

Something to chew on. Hope everyone is having a great week!


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