Feature Request: Trackable / Subscribed Tags

One thing that I think would be incredibly useful would be trackable tags. Not just tags that aid in searching, but tags that users can explicitly subscribe to get notifications for.
By default they’d get notifications for everything, but they could opt to instead only be notified when a tag is posted instead.

This would be incredibly helpful for creators like me who make a variety of content. If I do NSFW stuff, tagging it means people can filter it out of their notifications (rather than just searching through my page after stuff is posted.) It’d also mean that people who pledge for one specific project I run could only be notified when that project is updated.

You basically could designate certain tags to be “trackable” from settings, and these would be suggested when adding tags to posts (or even selectable from a drop-down). Not every tag would need to be trackable It could integrate with the featured tag option as well.

Or, a simpler solution could be a generic “track tags” option in follower settings (and potentially a “mute tags” option too), with a field where the follower can enter in tags they want to be notified for. This would allow the user to track (or mute) as many tags as they want, provided the creator remembers to tag them.

The current solutions to this situation otherwise include making a huge number of duplicate tiers, or running multiple accounts. Neither of these solutions are elegant and are a pain to manage (having done both before) and they don’t allow much control for the end user.


that sounds like an excellent idea! I make lots of diverse content and usually get anxious about spamming my supporters with some stuff they might not be interested about. A more filtered subscription could be awesome, if possible.

I would love the ability to change tags too. Like to change all my ‘marine’ and ‘underwater’ tags to ‘aqueous’ without having to manually update each post.

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Agree!! Plus, patrons should be notified when anything I post on the page.

Unless they check their patron page constantly, they don’t know if I’ve posted, and I post a lot of written content, that they don’t see!!

Please please sort this out!!! I’m losing patrons because they don’t see me supporting them via Patreon on my page.
It’s rubbish

Patrons already get notified, if they’re not getting emails it means they disabled them. However currently it’s all-or-nothing.

Trackable tags would allow them to follow just for specific things.

:wave: Hi y’all! Sherene here from the Patreon product marketing team.

This makes perfect sense. And as a patron of many creators myself, I’d love this as well :slight_smile: I’ve passed this feedback directly to the team who is working on notifications and tags. Thank you!