(Feature Request) Voluntary Comments Moderation

Recently Patreon, for security reasons, changed how comments work, and active hyperlinks were ended (you can write one, but it won’t become clickable). Over on the Official Patreon Community Discord server some people have stated this is not helpful to them, and they miss the active links in comments.

I have a suggestion:

  • Give the account holders a box to uncheck if they would rather moderate comments themselves instead of letting the site stop all links becoming active.
  • If they uncheck the box, it’s up to the person running the account to review the links before permitting them (the comments don’t go live until they are permitted, and they’ll get reminders of comments waiting).
  • Even with this, only links posted by supporters can become active (not just any commenter).

This seems like could resolve the issues I’m reading.


Yes! This would be -very- helpful!

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Thanks for the feedback and feature suggestion, @Th_Mole! I am hoping we can restore functionality by improving our spam filters in comments, but I will pass this along and keep you posted on any updates with this issue.

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