Feature Requests: UTF8; Partial Refunds; Mark Unread; Quick Link

Dear Patreon,
A massive THANK YOU for implementing proper Patron payment history. This makes tracking rewards for Patrons across Tiers and time much, much easier.

Just in time too! We’ve just run another successful Reward promotion which saw our Patron count go above 4000 with over 2000 Patrons around the world qualifying for physical rewards to be shipped to them. In dealing with numbers like these we quickly find pain points in the Support pipeline.

Here are a few additional requests based on items that cause us and our Patrons the most friction:

  1. Implement UTF8 export for CSV files. MANY of our Patrons live in countries where English isn’t the primary language. That means we collect a ton of address info which requires converting to UTF8 before it can be used. When we have to re-export frequently to capture attempts to charge declined cards (for example) this becomes a chore.

  2. Partial Refunds. We run promotions that require Patrons to adjust their Pledge/Tier to a special amount for a particular month. When the promotion is over we encourage Patrons to adjust their pledges back to something they feel comfortable with. Many people forget to make this adjustment and end up being charged twice at an amount that’s higher than normal. We must then issue refunds but because we can’t do partial refunds we lose those Patrons completely for that month.

  3. Mark As Unread (in the Message Inbox). Because we handle so many PMs from our Patrons we have a small team to read and respond to messages. Being able to mark a message as Unread would ensure that it doesn’t fall off the radar because someone peeked at it - and/or would give someone a chance to “snooze” a particular message for later.

  4. Quick Link to Relationship Manager. Many of our support messages require looking at a Patron’s payment history. The process for getting to this information from the Message Box requires a copy-paste into a seperate tab. Again, when dealing with LOTS of support requests this becomes a chore which could be solved by implenting a “View Patron Info” button in the Inbox.

  5. Collect Phone Numbers with shipping info. Asking again. The reason is simple. We ship lots of stuff internationally. This requires a phone number.

  6. Let Patrons Attach (image) Files to Patreon PMs. We often need to see photographic evidence of an issue with a physical reward. The current process involves guiding Patrons to use an external image hosting site. Lots of confusion and effort for everyone involved.

That’s it. Implement those features and our support staff will sing your praises. Our thousands of Patrons will be better served. And all will be right with the world. Yay!