Feature suggest: Free trial for ppl interested in supporting on Patreon

Hey there. It would be SO amazing if I had a tier I could offer potential patrons to try out supporting for say, 30 days free. There are works arounds like patrons signing up and cancelling before billing. I also have a $1 option for people to get a taste of the different tiers I offer, but I’d much prefer a streamlined option to offer ppl.


Thanks for the suggestion, @Sibuor! We hear that creators would like to be able to offer one month free with the idea that once the payment info is in, they would then be charged monthly unless they cancel. I’ll share this with the product team.


I really don’t understand why anyone would want to offer trial periods for membership. That’s pretty much the same as when we used to not have the Charge Up Front option; ppl could pledge, come in and get everything they wanted, and then cancel their pledge and roll out. If ppl don’t know what they’re getting for pledging to your Patreon, then I think the answer here is it be more vocal and consistent about posting previews of Patreon content and promoting already publicly available content in your social medias. It shouldn’t be a mystery what you’re offering, and I don’t know that having a trial period is necessary to fulfill that need? Maybe I’m missing some really obvious use for that, though, it just seems odd to me haha

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I feel the same, there’s always a lot of talk about trials or the ability to gift people memberships and all I foresee is a lot people not knowing how to leverage something like that in their favor and then complaining they get no conversions from it. Obviously every case is different, but on average I think it would likely do more harm than good.

The “trial” should be the content you’re posting publicly, regularly. This creates interest and desire to see more. This converts fans to patrons. That is typically what a successful conversion cycle looks like, and a lot of creators may undermine themselves by giving away free access.

Now if “gifted membership” works more like someone can pay and give the membership to someone else, that would interest me. Like gifted subs on Twitch. Still not the greatest tool for conversion, but better than outright free membership.


Gifting a sub as you explain it here, would be nice.

Though TBH, I’d also like to add deals into some of my non-patreon things where someone could get a free month of my patreon included in another purchase or something. It would also be handy to give to folks I might be collaborating with at the time so we can both mutually see and communicate on eachothers posts about the things we’re working on for the month. They don’t need to be on the “team” that the higher patreon plans offer, they just need access to my private posts for the duration of our project.

There are a lot of ways it could be handy for many different folks and sometimes it’s not always about direct conversion but also convenience, getting reviews on your page/project, etc.


I like this idea. Buy a copy of my comic, or another merch item inspired by it? A code for a free month or three on a tier is included. Give them a reason to come in instead of buying just one thing and walking away.