Feature Suggestion: Add the ability to postpone start date for new patrons

Every month I end up having someone sign up on the last day of the month. I have patrons get charged immediately because I am giving access to old content as well as new. That means they get charged for basically 2 months (one full day and then a second charge the next day for the full month).

I just went to sign up myself for Patronizer and decided to wait since there were only a couple of days left this month. Now I will have to remember to go back and sign up again after June 1st. I was right there on their page ready to sign up but I didn’t because I wanted a full month of membership. I would have signed up right then if there had been an option to delay the start of my membership.

If there was an option to “sign up in June” or “start membership on the first day of next month” I could probably convert a lot more patrons who drop by to check out my profile on the last week of the month. I usually have finished our monthly Patreon bonus videos by then and get a lot of new traffic to my site. I wonder how many potential patrons are lost because of folks not wanting only a partial month’s access. I could hopefully also avoid feeling bad for the folks who do accidentally sign up on the last day of the month not realizing they will be charged again the next day. Just a thought.


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