Feature Suggestion: Mass Post Editing

I’ve noticed ideas similar to this topic mentioned a few times in comments here and there but I couldn’t find any posts directly relating to this so my apologies if this has already been discussed! Also, this is my first time posting in the forums so I hope this is all clear enough~

I think having some sort of mass post editing feature would be extremely helpful. As a creator, I would like to add a new higher tier with the ability to view all posts. When I do that, the newly created tier automatically has zero access to all previous posts because none of them are checked in the “who can see this post?” section in editing to be viewable to this new tier. Because of this, I have to manually edit every existing post (hundreds…of posts…) which would take hours. This is extremely discouraging to me.

I make webcomics so this is 100% necessary for me to have to go back and edit even the oldest posts from 2017. It’s just a lot of work that requires so much time and energy that I barely have so I end up deciding against making new tiers simply because I don’t want to deal with that kind of headache. We as creators are constantly given advice to freshen up our pages with new tiers and whatnot but it’s so difficult to actually Do That when faced with this kind of issue.

So yeah, if we had some way to check all posts at once/a large number of posts when deciding what tiers they should be visible to it would be such an amazing time saver (and I would no longer dread making new tiers haha)

All creators handle their content differently so I’m sure this may not be an issue for some but I can imagine having a mass post editing feature would be a huuuuuuge relief to a lot of us :slight_smile: