Feature suggestion: Multi-month payments

I have a very large number of $1 and $4 donations on my Patreon and the fee per processing is obviously very high for the tiny tip amounts. I have received a request for the ability to pay for X months in advance. I think this would be very useful!

A 6 month donation:

$1 * 1.029 + 0.35 = 1.38 * 6 = 8.28
$6 * 1.029 + 0.35 = 6.52

Save 22%


We’ve just told our $1 patroids to do exactly that - if they were planning to support us for a few months to instead cancel their $1 pledges, pledge for $5, and then cancel that after it goes through. Ridiculous really.

The issue is I am using the api to programmatically give them rewards. I can’t use that work around.