Featured or Recommended Tier?

I totally understand why Patreon organizes reward tiers by price, low to high — but I worry that having the cheapest tier highlighted at the top of the page encourages people to choose the lowest possible pledge.

I was thinking it would be awesome if creators could choose a tier to highlight or recommend as “best value” or “recommended tier” or something, to promote at the very top of the reward tier list. Any thoughts?


Hi @ginnydi, thanks for the question. We have thought about this too! Very recently in fact. We’re constantly running small scale experiments to test theories like this to ensure we’re giving creators the best possible chance to convert fans to patrons. A study we ran recently determined that order of tier doesn’t affect pledge volume; both the average pledge and the amount of pledges. Your latter idea is what we concluded after our study; it seems like the best idea is to let creators arrange their tiers in the way they would like. This is something we hope to work on in the future!