Featured Tags

How do I add an image behind the featured tags that appear on my front page? They appear as white blocks at the moment.

Also, in the editing area for tags, it shows a small grid on the left hand side which normally means you can grab it with your mouse and reorder the tags but it seems to do nothing. What is it for?

Any help appreciated.

The image of the featured tag is always from the recent post with the tag.

i thought that would be the case so I added an image to one of the posts (they’re text posts) but it didn’t transfer. Is there a particular sort of image it picks up on?

In my case the feature tag image changes every time I post a new post with that tag. And I always add an image for my posts. Maybe try to double check if you really use the same tag. Not a very similar one. Sometimes a little spelling mistake or whatever creates a different tag. I hope youll figure it out

I found it also took a few days for my tag images to update, if that helps.