Feb 1st Payments

Hi all, I wanted to share this update in case any of you are experiencing a delay in payments or seeing questions/concerns about it elsewhere. If anything changes, I’ll update this thread and you can always check https://status.patreon.com/ to see what we’re up to.


Thanks for the update!

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Any update on this?
It’s been 3 days and I’m not even half processed yet.


Hi @Ghool and everyone, here’s the latest update.

Payments are still processing slowly and we’re expecting all processing to be finished by end of Wednesday (11:59 PM PT). We’re currently working on an alternative solution as we know how impactful this is to you. We take any delay in our payment operations very seriously.

Just so you know, I am a patron of nine other creators. In my Notifications tab, it has two different entries saying “Success! Your pledges for your creators have gone through!”.

I just got an e-mail saying “Your patron receipt is here! Tweet about it!” It shows I was charged… $1 for 1 creator.

Am I still supposed to tweet about it?

Hey Mindy - when you say you’re working on an alternate solution, does that mean just for this one payment cycle or are you looking into another vendor for future cycles to avoid this issue in the future? Or something else?

Do we know what caused this?


I’d love to hear some answers as to why, what, when (the alternate solution etc) here also.

I’d like to see more response about the issues with the payments system, and lack of information around the current issues.

As creators, the funds come in because of our presence here, so it seems reasonable to inform creators a little more fully what the issues are and how they are to be resolved now and in the future.

I’m also concerned that there may be a security breach of the payments system?

My payments currently show as 66% processed.

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Another issue today: for one patron, Manager shows him as Declined while Relationship Manager shows him as paid. The front-page patron count is lower than my spreadsheet count by one, so I’m guessing he’s really declined – just Relationship Manager isn’t showing it.

You may recall I had another patron that wasn’t being charged, and you eventually told me that he was declined even though Relationship Manager showed him as paid, and that this wasn’t a priority to fix. (He quit before you got around to it, so I don’t know whether it was ever fixed, though I sort of suspect not.)

Hi folks, here’s a fast update for you on the situtation.

We’ve currently processed the majority of payments and understand that any delay is unacceptable. We’ve built an alternate solution where we’ll extend a Payout Advance on your funds for creators who need it - an email with details is going out now. Once again, we’re so sorry for this delay and thank you for your incredible patience while we continue working on making this right.

I hope to be able to provide more information and answer your questions soon.


Do you think we might get a full explanation as to what has happened please? I am starting to get nervous about staying on the platform & these issues seem to constantly be causing me a loss of patrons, trust & earnings. Just the site being put into maintenance mode so many times on Saturday meant my patrons could not access a link to a scheduled livestream. I had patrons all around the world hoping to join me & for the last few days I have had to deal with the fallout of disappointment.
I am having to sort a workaround for this in case it happens again in the future. It seems I am constantly spending my time creating workarounds for where the Patreon platform falls short. I love that it has enabled me to access my followers & patrons but they are losing trust.
I really hope that there will be an open response when this is sorted. I am also having to hold off posting any content until there is confirmation of payments having gone through. So a week with no content & it looks like broken promises from my side as far as my patrons are concerned :frowning:


I also want to hear more on how and why this happened, and how it will be avoided in the future.

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Hi @LisaAnnWatins, @ando and others,

Thank you for the feedback and behalf of everyone at Patreon, we’re really sorry about the issues over the past few days. The need to go into maintenance mode was unfortunate but crucial to working on the payment processing issue. We know that it impacted you negatively with the things you had planned.

I hope you can understand that we’re still focused on solving the situation fully for you, and will provide more info about what happened. We want to make sure it’s resolved fully with everyone getting their payment. We’re currently planning to discuss it this Friday in Hang Time as by then we’ll have more news on the situation.

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Please provide the same information outside of hang time as well.


I would also like the same information outside of hang time, and think any new information regarding the issues should be emailed to all creators.


Just in case you didn’t see our update last night:

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@mindy I waited until Wednesday evening, as it was said in Patreon’s newsletter, but I still received just a part of my earnings and the system doesn’t let me contact the help centre. What can I do?

Hey @Ambra, thanks for the question. You can write into our support team here and they’ll be able to look into this with you and see what’s going on. Let me know if you need help with anything else :slight_smile:

Hey, I missed the hang time, can anyone tl;dr what the reason was for the payment delays? Thanks!

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If you go to the hang time link, you can replay the video. All of them are replayable as far as I know.

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I was also asking for anyone else here who might have a poor internet connection, limited data rates each month, or who can’t watch it due to lack of time or anything like that :stuck_out_tongue: