Feedback of My Membership tab

Hi, guys.

I haven’t found a post about it, if there is one, I’m sorry for the duplicity!

I wanted to comment on the “my membership” tab
From my point of view having to enter this tab to see the total of your patreons and the money accumulated is a step back.

Before the change, by entering your main profile you will see at a glance the number of patreons, money and posts uploaded.
Now it is divided and although it is a click away, I think that as a user experience is worse than it was before.

I think it’s more convenient to have all the information at a glance




Totally agree. I don’t even use the app anymore. It gives me no useful info and I can’t look up patrons or do regular posting without losing major functions like attachments. I’m not sure why they would remove the patron count and pledge total from the main page. Not loving the new changes.


Also agreed. I hate how it looks, I hate navigating it. The fact that it lists “my benefits” the way it does as the creator: Previously the Overview (which somehow looks worse), then underneath that, in two columns, 3 membership benefits on the right, and a loooooooong string of the other 8 Tiers (not all of them even published/visible anymore) down to the bottom where it now makes my “welcome” message (which is only relevant for 24 hours) a permanent thing. Yet I can’t see my Goals at all, they’re gone. It’s clunky, and now I have to think about re-designing my information Yet Again when I wasn’t planning to (I’m busy with 2 jobs!), maybe be forced to delete certain Tiers to clean it up and ask patrons to re-elect (wasn’t planning to do that yet, either) in order to make more sense with the current design, which I hate anyway and can’t think of a flow that is attractive. Blech.


AS UI (user interface) was better before, you could see relevant information just by entering the main menu


From a creator’s perspective, I would prefer the number of patrons and funds to be on the first page I land on but it’s not that big of a deal. What I’m not crazy about is how the membership tab looks to my patrons. It looks very cluttered and filled with stuff I already know about the person/company I’m pledging to. I would prefer the “Your benefits” at the top and across the full width of the column, I mean, that’s the point of this page, correct? So the patron can see what membership level they are pledging at? I would also like the “show more tiers” to be a bit bigger or with a teaser for the next tier level (i.e. for just $x more a month, get access to xyz). The about section should be at the bottom with a link to their welcome message. I feel that seeing a welcome message after being a patron for any length of time is just something they will skip over.


Totally agree with you @teemovsall and @FutilityCloset … it’s a huge step backwards and no longer comfortable… There is no advantage of the changed layout…


Thanks so much for making this thread @teemovsall . I know the team are reading and watching all the comments, so keep them coming. This is definitely still a work in progress and the team is continuing to test and design what will work best for patrons and creators.

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