Feedback on Creator Landing Page Experiment

Would appreciate an official response to some of the concerns I mentioned, particularly since it seems that a few others are feeling the same.

Hi all! As you may recall from this update we recently experimented a new way to display tiers that eliminates the need for people to click on “Show More” to see all tiers. The goal was to make the higher priced tiers more visible, but on average we found that the pledge amounts, and conversion rates were lower than the version that is currently live, so we decided not to roll out that change widely. Based on the positive feedback from creators on how that design presented tiers with a higher price point, we will continue to iterate on the existing version, integrate your feedback, and find a solution that works well and that you can be happy with.


Today I was on a call with a marketing company I’m working with on a project. First stop, my Patreon page. First comment “I see here you have three tiers…” while I actually have six.

It’s hard to argue against “on average” improvements, but I can’t help but feel a little uneasy when a person whose job is looking at and building websites goes to my Patreon and doesn’t even see the show more button until I tell them it’s there. Thankfully Patreon has armed me with a lot of tools that are effective, like Special Offers and the presentation of locked posts, and I have some handy ways to promote my three highest tiers.

At this point I’m wondering if the sweet spot is just having three tiers. I don’t know.


How long is this experiment lasting? Are any new visitors seeing the old style of page, below, any more?

This older layout was so much more compelling. I especially dislike that my more profitable (and popular!) tiers are hidden by default now.

The new style seems to have gone back to having the avatar icon over the banner image, which produces problems as I am sure Patreon are aware (as they fixed it in the older style above). However, because the “About me” section is so low, I feel that more information has to be included in the banner now (Which would involve a lot of design time on my part, to make sure the dynamic resizing doesn’t obscure something important).

Something missing from the new style is the “tags” for the posts. I used these to highlight important topics but this is gone. I’m glad that the top post is a public post which will serve us well for now, but I’ll want to post some Patron only news soon and would rather that new visitors to the page can press a tag to see something interesting to them.

Like others have said, all the extra white space on the new version makes the website look broken. Please let us know what the outcome of this experiment is and the timetable involved.


Totally agree with @TeamJemjie and also with @YuuriVoice … it was announced a testing period and the first change should come immediately - but you still find on most of the Patreon pages only 3 tiers visible and the small “Show more” button. Also when trying via different VPNs and Inkognito tabs, most of the Patreon pages also show the new “3 box layout” which is horrible - because most of the higher priced tiers are hidden and people send emails, why we all deleted the Top-Levels…

PLUS - if you check also a lot of the NSFW pages with your new “BLURR”-effect - I’m really wondering how many “real details” people can see. They do not have to become a Patreon, just walk away 3 feet from your monitor and your imagination will make the rest… my page is still a mixture of SFW/NSFW - but other pages contain a lot of real adult content…

The idea with blurred previews might be fine for a lot of creators - but never for NSFW creators… - just remove this option immediately … and that is very easy to handle - just check if “NSFW-page” -> old style // SFW -> blurr-version…

Sorry guys - but you are still working on a lot of things on the same time - but why don’t you ask your creators like you did with these fantastic video calls a year ago and ask for their feedback…

So @mindy all all the development staff - when do you expect to end this A/B testing session, show all possible tiers again and when will this “Blurr-experiment” end?

Thank you for your update - really love the platform and the community - but right now, … :see_no_evil:


I have an idea to add, and I’m not sure if it’s been suggested, yet.

I get that Patreon has found three tiers to be the sweet spot. I imagine that is why they keep offering landing pages with only three tiers easily visible.

But so far creators are complaining that their “more profitable” tiers aren’t being shown.

Why not set it up so that creators can choose for themselves which three tiers get the love on the landing page, instead of just showing their lowest three by default?


while i like this idea in theory, i don’t think it’ll come across well in practice.

if i show my most popular tiers, potential patrons might think my page is really expensive. since my post popular tiers are the more expensive ones. i don’t want to hide ANY tiers. having to choose my favorites or only show the first three are both bad for my business.


Totally agree with both aspects with you @Th_Mole and @simrell - I also thought about why not the most popular - or one beginner, one medium and one high price tier, but when you ask your Patrons, they have all different reason why they choose a tier. One Patron don’t want to feel like a beginner, the other guy want everything and the next likes the medium, but couldn’t afford it, so he decided to pick a tier between beginner and medium, which is currently not displayed.

So most Creators with 4+ tiers - have already make their own research and found 5-6 tiers very affordable I think (same for me) … so in the meantime, I do not send the followers from my blog to the starting page, because of the confusion, I send my desktop users to the /posts page, where they still have the chance to find the tiers on the right page…

Might also help a little bit for you…

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User research has found again and again that offering three options works, however the offering is finely tuned:- a “basic” option which is very cheap and offers only the very basic access to the service, a highly priced “advanced” option which maybe only 1% of visitors choose, and a third option in the middle which most will choose and is a good option for the service provider in terms of what is offered and the profit it makes.

This might not translate very well for some creators, especially if they don’t think in terms of profit. However, having it by default be the three lowest tiers just doesn’t make sense. My lower tiers are priced similarly, then there is a jump to a high tier for businesses to sponsor us, which only has 4 spots and which I always want to be shown when there is a slot open.


Agree with you @TeamJemjie … - three tiers “Basic / Advanced / Pro” … - and below every tier the possibility to upgrade… quite easy and you see it everywhere on hotel bookings, airlines, etc…

Just waiting to see in that case “Do you really want to start with 1US$ or do you want to upgrade to 5US$ and get more updates… :wink:

I think for creators with high tiers it’s important to have a variety of tiers displayed immediately on the starting page. What really helped me was sending the Patrons not to the about-page - but directly to the /posts page, where they still see all tiers on the right part of the page…

Emailed Patreon about this issue today and was told that I can work around my tier problems with the landing page by using the URL people are taken to after clicking on the BECOME A PATRON button. It displays all of your tiers. In my case that’s:
so just replace “clarkesworld” with your page name and you should be good to go. I plan on replacing all my links to Patreon with this until the tier display issues are worked out. Figured some of you might want to do that too. It’s a short-term solution, but it will help reduce some of the confusion my potential supporters have been experiencing lately.


Did Patreon go and mess with the landing pages again?
My tiers and ‘About’ description have completely disappeared. Why? All you get on the landing page now is a bunch of locked content, no description of what I’m about, and no tiers visible.
Why are so many resources being wasted on stuff that hardly anyone has asked for, meanwhile, much needed fixes aren’t even on the roadmap. Fixes that we’ve been asking for since I started over 3 years ago.
Stop messing with my landing page. Or at the very least, allow us the option to opt out of any changes we feel that are personally unnecessary for our pages. This is becoming beyond frustrating.


Well, I ran into my first major complaint from someone due to the “only three tiers shown” layout.

He saw fans on Facebook posting about a reward they had just received, he clicked over to my Patreon page, and he assumed the reward must have come from the highest tier “offered” because he didn’t see the Show More Levels.

He was pretty angry, and I was able to smooth things out… but I think this would be completely avoidable with a different layout that showed all of the tiers.

I hadn’t quite realized what the new layout looked like because when I go to my page logged in, I still see it in an older format.

When I went to my page through a different browser, and was hit with SELECT A MEMBERSHIP LEVEL right up top and no info about who this dude is, I did find that pretty off-putting. I feel the ABOUT info should always be first. OR we should have the option to arrange the sections however we want maybe?

Just some quick thoughts…



I just went to another patreon page ( and all their levels were shown. I thought maybe you guys updated it and checked mine out on incognito and no, my tiers are still hidden in the ‘SHOW MORE’ thing.

So is it only SOME patreons have all their tiers listed or is it bc they have merch or…?

I would really like my tiers show especially since I have a ‘dead tier’ so it’s taking up space in the three default shown one.

I really think you guys should have it all expanded with a “show less” button instead if you really want the show more/less thing. That’s my thought :slight_smile:

Also I agree with Brian above me, I think the about or a small blurb of who I am should be before the tiers. I get we’re trying to make a living but it seems more personable and friendly when you can see who i am and what I’m about first and then my support tiers if you like what I have to to bring :slight_smile: (Or video if ppl have intro videos or an image if ppl have welcome banners etc)


I am a bit late to this, but I just wanted to share my thoughts. I feel like having the tiers first doesn’t work for everybody, at the very least, it seems weird to me. I am asking people to support my project, and I explain most of the relevant stuff about it in my landing page, yet the first thing they see is the tiers (so, me asking for their money). What’s more, the landing page needs users to click “show more” to be seen in its entirety. The page contains various useful links (including the free version of my game they can check to see if they like it or not), so this setup is completely backward for me.

I guess I could create a page on a blog, and redirect people there for most things, but that’s stupid in its own way. Would it be possible to allow people to pick the old layout, if they so desire?

Edit: also, it’s true that this looks pretty bad on desktop, with huge amounts of wasted space to the sides. I can understand not wanting the eyes to travel from one extreme of the screen to the other, but this is a bit too much (it doesn’t help that Patreon’s pages are almost completely white).


I think the idea of having a couple of “selectable” layouts would be great! I know the stats might show better conversion rates if you just hit people up for money first thing, but I really prefer to have my introduction to what I’m doing be the first thing they see. :slight_smile:



Welcome to the Patreon community forum @mdqp! We posted an updated look here at what the next design might look like, which will include space for a small introduction.

@BrianJamesFreeman I will definitely pass that idea on! This current design is not the end of the story. We think we can make it even better, and are working towards a better way to showcase your tiers, give you the ability to highlight a tier of your choice, and to add a short welcome message above your tiers. We will continue fine tuning and improving, so stay tuned for more design tests and news on this.


I’m still reading through the entirety of this thread, but wanted to pause here to ask whether “Show more levels” has been fixed yet? We’re launching a bunch of new higher-level tiers that we want to push people toward, and them not automatically all being displayed would be a massive problem for us. Thank you anyone who replies!

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nope :confused:

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Hi @simrell, thanks, saw that. We’ve been sending people directly to our /join link instead (, for example) as a stopgap. There’s a coding error on the /join page that puts the Patreon header on top of our banner, so we still look somewhat inept and unprofessional, and we have to do the storytelling around the ask on our own before sending people here, but at least all the levels are there. You take what you can get in a pandemic, you know? :joy:

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