Feedback on Creator Page Design (Non-Landing)


I couldn’t find a discussion post about this so opening a new one. Feel free to merge/close if I missed an existing topic :see_no_evil:

This is a topic about the Creator Page - Patrons View - Design. The one any creator sees for their page as default, and the page patrons see when pledged.

A discussion about the landing page (Non-patrons view) is here: Feedback on Creator Landing Page Experiment.

(Disclaimer: I’m giving my own thoughts on the topic, and I’m well aware that others might not agree with me, which is why I would love this to be a discussion.)

So after giving the new creators page a chance for a while, I feel like it could be made better than what it is. For several reasons:

  • The first tab - posts. I can’t really explain it, but it just feel… meh… to look at. For me it feels uninviting/unwelcoming to look at and definitely not scroll down on. Note that in the reference below the page is zoomed out. At 100%, the image gets cropped at around the pockets.
  • My membership tab - it feel so disorganized and has no flow. Why is the “About creator” down at the bottom of this page? Who will know to look for it there? It’s unintuitive.
  • The left side of the page, under the profile pic is SO EMPTY. It just feels wrong to waste all that space. It makes no sense not to add the tiers and the goals there, and to hide them away in the membership tab.
  • Community tab - random tier select area?

Current Design for reference:

I’ve created a mock-up of the changes I think should happen (some of the elements have been stretched to fit, my apologies :sweat_smile: ).

They are arranged, from left to right, in the way I think they should be organized, meaning “My Membership” will be first.

Mock-up for Changes:

Breakdown of changes:

  • Your Tiers and Goals moved from “My Membership” under the profile pic area (goals above tiers).
  • Increased the size of “A welcome from” and put the the benefits to its side.
  • Removed the random tier select from Community.
  • Move the “About Creator” into its own tab.

Some questions open for discussion:

  1. Honestly, I’m conflicted by “My Membership” and “Posts” for first tab, so more thoughts on this needed.
  2. Posts tab - what are your thoughts? Is there a better layout it could have?
  3. Any other things you would change?

Sorry for the long post, here’s your potato :slight_smile:


OMG I love Ode’s mockup of the “My Membership” page, and I HARD agree that should be the first page patrons land on - benefits in the sidebar just makes INFINITELY more sense - the page as it is laid out is confusing, intimidating, and unusable.


I think alot of the page design is because they’re trying to make the arrangement mobile (aka cell phone and tablet) friendly. There used to be other items below the profile, then they removed them.

So, if you are looking at your page entirely on desktop or laptop (most of us will, since that is what creators use, compared to the general content consuming public), grab yoiur phone and check it that way. Some – but not all – of their choices make more sense when you do.

Wow Ode! Thank you so much for taking the time to redesign these pages. So many great layout and content organization ideas that the Patreon design team will certainly be taking into account as the team invests more deeply in the patron experience this coming quarter. :heart:


I’m happy to be of help, Simon, and I’m glad that the ideas will take into account!
I’m sure more things that I haven’t thought of can be added by other users too.
Looking forwards to the update! :slight_smile:


These are so great! Thank you so much @OdeChan for taking the time to share your thoughts and make the mock ups! I appreciate the potato too, here’s mine.

Very interested to hear what others think of your discussion questions too :slight_smile:


Your mockup looks great! I think the “my membership” page is… kind of a mess right now, and yours makes it look a lot cleaner! :blush: :heart_eyes:

  1. I think the Posts tab should be the first, and the default one to land on when accessing someone’s page, definitely. I’m a creator but I do pledge to multiple other creators, and when going directly onto their page I’m basically 99,9% of the time going there to see their posts, not the “my membership” page! :wink: I’m pretty sure most other patrons feel the same way!

  2. I liked the old way the tags were listed at the side much more than the current one. They take a lot of space at the top, and look kinda out of place? Or is that just me. :thinking:

  3. To be honest with many things about the creator page, I wish there were options for creatos to choose from. Like choosing if they want the tags on the top or on the side, and maybe even the order of what page is first? I think, depending on the creator and what kind of things they make, different layouts make sense. There’s a lot of different kind of creators on Patreon, and I feel like in the end, it’s kind of impossible to make one thing that fits everyone. I know this would be very hard to actually make happen, but maybe it’s worth bringing up anyways? :sweat_smile:


+1 for Ode’s designs - and thank you for taking the time to make them.

I agree the landing page for new Patrons is truly uninviting, I don’t like the way it hits people in the face with the membership tiers… I would rather welcome them with a personalised message and video (for example: the way it used to be!).

I love Ode’s designs. I would suggest having the About section (with the copy and video) in there too. But I also like the idea of the “A welcome from Ode” section…

+1 also for @sukka’s suggestion of being able to customise the position of the modules, for reasons explained. In 2020 surely this isn’t that hard…