Final days!

Hey all – Adam here from Patreon’s Product Team again (and resident cheerleader for y’all). We’re in the final days of the Special Offers push and I just wanted to offer you a bit more encouragement. Make those extra posts, push right to the finish line. You’ll see more patrons come in during the 11th hour because people procrastinate :slight_smile:.

Also – we’ve started looking at the data around what new / increased patronage has looked like for those participating in this campaign. We’ll share here eventually but so far just about everyone who has done this has seen an increase in their patronage. Way to go!


Thanks Adam!
I’ve made a note to include “Have you been procrastinating?” to my pitches for Saturday :slight_smile:

The answer to that is almost assuredly, “YES.” :slight_smile:

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:rofl: definitely procrastinating. Congrats again to everyone for launching, trying this new method, and sticking with it!

A few things to think about if you haven’t tried them yet:
1.) Up-sell to current patrons - a lot of folks have seen this work the best, so make sure you’re posting and promoting to Patrons themselves
2.) Start a countdown!
3.) Talk about your milestone goal/macro vision for your Patreon- connect potential patrons to the “why” in addition to the awesomeness of the benefit

You’ve got this!


Unrelated to the current special offer push, I just wanted to chime in that I’ve had a TON of luck convincing current patrons to “upgrade” to a higher tier this year. My number of patrons hasn’t changed much in the last 9 months, but thanks to some of the ways I’ve highlighted the benefits of moving to a higher tier, my monthly income has more than doubled thanks to “upgrades.” Definitely something for folks to think about and try!

Thanks for sharing @BrianJamesFreeman! That’s great to hear. If you were open to sharing an example or two of ways in which you’ve talked about this with your Patrons, I bet they’d be helpful for the group!

Absolutely! Let me put some thoughts together and I’ll post a new thread, so as to not detract from the purpose of this one!