Find creators feature - possible bug?

The Find Creators feature on the Home page is a great idea. However, when using it to find creators that I follow on Twitter, some of the people listed are people I don’t follow - some I may have in the past, but others I certainly never have. Is this a bug, or deliberate?

By the way, I’ve only used it for Twitter (I’m not on the other social networks).

@gareth.southwell, that is definitely odd! Thank you for bringing it up. I’ll sync up with the engineer who built this feature and let you know what I find out.

Thank you, Ellie. Happy to provide the engineer more information if needed - just contact me.

Hey Gareth!

This is a pretty new feature that we’re still working out the kinks on. Right now it’s purely doing a name-based match, so false positives are definitely expected. Long-term, we hope to do this in a much more scientific / accurate way. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback! Sounds like this is a place you’d like us to invest more in.


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Ah, I see - I did wonder if it was something like that. But yes, this would be a good thing if it can be made to work.

Thanks for letting me know, Erin.