Find out which supporter is sending me a message

I get a lot of messages from my patrons through Patreon. However, some of them have the same username like “Tom” or “Bob”. Whenever a “Tom” sends me a message, I have no way of finding out which of the 25 user accounts going by “Tom” is sending me a message and find that account in my Patron Relationship Manager. The only way is to look at their avatar, but even then I have at least 5 accounts with username “Tom” that have the exact same (default) avatar.

Recently, I got a request for a refund, which I’m more than happy to do. Unfortunately, I had to ask the patron for their account information, because I found no way to see which entry in my Patron Relationship Manager belonged to the person I got a message from. I can click on their avatar, but then I’m brought to their userpage ( which doesn’t tell me anything identifiable about their account other than their username and avatar, which aren’t unique, unfortunately.

Would it be possible to add something like an email lookup on a user’s account page, or have a link in the message center to the Patron Relationship Manager for the relevant account?

At the very least, it would already be immensely helpful if it was possible to find patrons by their user ID (the XXXXX in the URL in the Patron Relationship Manager.


This feels like a big oversight and feeds into the “patreon messaging platform needs a LOT of help” issue


Hey @morepurplemorebetter, thanks for making this post and highlighting this issue. I can certainly understand why it would be frustrating, especially when trying to provide a refund. I’ve passed this onto the team who works on this feature to consider as they continue to prioritize what to work on.

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Thank you @mindy !
I hope you included my wish for being able to search by ID in the Patron Relationship Manager, because I expect that to be a relatively easy feature to implement. Nothing has to visually change on the page, just show the account that is an exact match for the ID entered.