Fix Patron Messaging and attach files

Being in touch on a personal basis is so important in Patreon.

The messaging system has been going through some changes but it’s still pretty bad. Finally, the message box extends when I write, but now I cannot see the message from my patrons anymore. And/or can’t press send, so I have to copy, recreate and chop my message into two parts.

And why can’t we still attach files to our messages?! I sometimes have requested posts that go on a higher tier than a patron is on, but I still want to send them the files.

Or let me give access to specific patrons to a certain post that’s higher than their tier.


Also, in the minor but frustrating category when related to patron messaging using the message functions on Patreon: For about three weeks now using Chrome browser which is my default, I can no longer type <3 (as in the text version of a heart) in any message, or everything that follows the < mysteriously disappears from the message. I can do it if I type < 3 , but am in such a habit of doing this that it is causing issues for me. No idea why it suddenly started doing this but I assume it has to do with what characters are being permitted to be typed in the message box and/or an attempt to avoid html formatting from appearing in the text box. Can we have our <3 back please? <3 thanks

This has been happening to me in firefox and chrome for years. I’ve made several reports about it but no updates yet.

It just started doing it to me about a month ago, I must’ve gotten lucky. Too weird!

lmfao it thinks you’re trying to use html and starts reading what you write after the < as an open html tag. amazing