Follow/Unfollow Bug

I’m assuming this is a bug, because if it’s not, it’s terrible feature design.

Following a person updates your email notifications settings, which is great, that’s what you want. But unfollowing doesn’t change anything. Unless I manually deselect every notification box, I’m still technically following the creator, I can’t remove them from my email notification settings page.

I’m using Chrome on Windows 10.

this is my favorite feature bc this means every time i look at this page im forcibly reminded of my wretched ex i had the poor fortune to financially support at one point in my life.

it is a confusing and weird feature, if it is that. when i stop following a creator i dont want to follow them anymore. presumably if i wanted to keep following them, i would do so on any of the other thousands of websites that exist for that purpose

Hi there, currently the only way to opt out of receiving emails from creators you follow is from the Email Notifications tab of your Profile Settings. You’re right that this is far from an ideal experience. I’m sharing this feedback with the product team as we work through better ways to manage notifications. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. It really helps as we work to improve Patreon!