Followers list?

I notice that it’s now possible to see who other members of Patreon follow - not just support, but follow. However, I can’t see an option to tell give you a list of followers - i.e. who follows me. If I click on a user, I might notice that they follow me, but otherwise there’s no way of knowing. If this is the case, it seems a bit one-sided/weird - the information is public, but just not easily accessible.

It would be nice to know, as it would give another metric - the number of people who are interested, but haven’t committed yet. Is Patreon planning to introduce this feature (a followers list), or are they worried that this would give licence for creators to hassle would-be patrons?


Hi Gareth,

This is definitely something we’re aware of and would love to address. In general, I want to make it easier for creators to search for and view both patrons and followers.

Can you tell me a bit more about what you would want to do with such a list? Would love to hear how you’d potentially use the information as we think about how best to address this need.



Hi Erin,

At the most basic level, I think it would give a basic sort of feedback as to how a creator’s page is faring. You may have only 1 patron, but 10 followers, which would be heartening and encouragement to continue. If some of those followers were also patrons of other creators, then it might also give a sense that such followers weren’t simply watching from the sidelines, but were considering pledging - perhaps. So, I think, when a page is just staring out (as mine is), then it could give some useful indicators.

I’ve noticed that many organisations have degrees of membership. My local art club holds classes, and you can just pay for the class, or become an ordinary member, senior member, keyholder, etc. I guess Patreon is similar: for every active paid up member there may be 20 watching from the sidelines, debating whether to commit, and for each of those another 100 who are happy to watch/consume, and movement between these groups might be fluid and changeable.

Anyway, perhaps this is all small fry for the larger creators - though I guess even for them a sudden upturn/downturn in non-pledging followers might indicate they were doing something right/wrong.

Using the lists to badger people (‘I see you’re following me!’) would be bad, I think, so there should be a means of following anonymously whilst appearing to the creator as a faceless statistic.

Anyway, just my thoughts.



Thank you so much for taking the time to elaborate! This is super helpful to me in understanding creator needs. :slight_smile:

Happy Friday,


You’re welcome! And to you too!

Hi Gareth! Hi Erin!

I was just thinking this today, as I made a public Dev Update post. I knew the number of Patrons who are going to see it, be since it was a Public post answering some questions aimed for those who are unsure whether they want to pledge or not yet, it would have been helpful to know how many followers will see it in their feeds.

The follower number as a statistic is what could be really helpful, and I totally agree with Gareth!
The more statistics we have, the more effective we can analyze and strategize in my opinion.



Just bumping this topic up, because it’s come up again in the creator’s group on Facebook. It would be great to have an indicator of the number of followers we have, right next to the number of patrons—if for no other reason but that it would serve as a visual reminder that we are writing not just for people who are patrons, but people who might become patrons.


Just a number of followers would help me to know which of my marketing tactics are working. For example: this month is my Patreon anniversary and I’m doing multiple things to attract people, but I’ve not gained any patrons. If say I knew that I went from 3 followers to 5 for one promotion and from 5 to 72 on the next, I might do more of the second one as a follow-up and not waste my time with the first. I also share my art after a couple of weeks to my other social media sites. Knowing when my numbers jump I could see what type of art is getting interest and pinpoint which social media is more likely to convert.


Yes, how come that’s not implemented? It took me over a year to realize I could follow people without pledging and that therefore I had followers. This aspect of the site is not well publicized at all!

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Just wanted to chime in here! We’re working on a bunch of improvements and new features for the Patron Relationship Manager beta. Among other things, we’ll be adding followers and former patrons. :slight_smile:


:heart_eyes: I’m doing cartwheels over here. Thanks for letting us know, @erin !

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Bumping this up again, because this question came up for the billionth time in the Patreon creator’s group on Facebook. Why, oh why, can we still not see how many people are following us?


(off topic, but there is a creator facebook? If it is open, may i get a link? I would love to check it out :3 )

It’s here.

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Thank you so much :smiley:

I have to agree with some of the points made by the other commenters. I only recently learned that there was a following feature; it is truly not well publicized. I wanted to start mentioning it on our podcast to see if perhaps doing so would cause some of our listeners to start following us, but then discovered that I have no way to tell how many people are actually following us. So as Lochy said, without this information there is no way to know whether marketing tactics are having much effect. Also, as others have mentioned, it would help to give us an idea of who we are writing posts for. I’ve been assuming all this time that the only people that would see our posts are our patrons and perhaps the few people who wander in and see our page. If I knew that we had people following us, we’d work a little harder to put out more public posts.


I’m also wondering why this post isn’t appearing at the top of the main page when we add replies…

@erin, any idea when that bunch of improvements you mentioned back in July is going to be implemented?


Another thing along these lines that would be nice to know is if followers (and even patrons) have remained opted in for email updates. This would give some indication if the amount we’re posting is good or becoming spammy and if people suddenly opt out we would have an idea of what kind of post is pushing them away. I know some followers must be getting the emails because they either give me a heart or comment just moments after I update. It’s nice, but without more extensive analytics it is difficult to tell what I’m doing is working and what’s a waste of time.


Yikes! I’m way overdue for an update. Well, this is taking a bit longer than I would’ve liked, but we’ve been hard at work (this whole time) on getting some major improvements into PRM. Here’s a quick summary of what we’re working on:

  • Refund a recent bill from within PRM (this was just released this week!)
  • Filter by charge status (currently being built)
  • Sort by pledge value and life time value (currently being built)
  • Adding FOLLOWERS and FORMER PATRONS into the list with a handy filter (currently being built)
  • Export filtered list to CSV (in design)
  • Send a message to everyone in the filtered list (in design)
  • Search for a patron by name (in design) <-- this has been highlighted a ton in the survey we’ve got on the PRM page, so we’re going to try to squeeze it in

So basically, there’s a ton going on, and you should start to see real progress soon!



I also want 2018 to be the year of the data. Giving you all more insights about incoming traffic to your pages AND the corresponding conversion rates to become patrons is definitely something I’m thinking about. It makes total sense to also add follower conversion rates there!