Formatting and resizing images and previewing posts

I can’t see that anyone else has raised these issues - apologies if they have and I’m repeating them.

Firstly, having only just realised that I need this function, I’ve noticed that posts do not allow for the formatting resizing or positioning of images. I believe (according to the FAQs), that this is to bring posts made from the desktop Patreon site into line with those made from the mobile app. This sort of sucks, as it now means that all inline images need to take up the whole width of the post, and so must be a certain minimum width (incidentally, are these dimensions specified anywhere?).

Secondly, there doesn’t seem to be any way to preview how a post will look. Am I just to assume that it will always exactly resemble the editor?

Apologies if I’m stupid.


A post preview function definitely would be helpful, as there are times when the post does not look the same as in the editor!

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Nope, you aren’t the least bit stupid! Those are good questions.

I tend to proofread like crazy and like my posts to look “just so” before I publish, and find it very annoying that I can’t preview. Would also love a preview of how they’d look on tablets & mobile.

Knowing ideal photo sizing would be helpful, too.

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Resizing and previews are a big need for me as well.

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Considering that Patreon is for creative people, it allows us very little creativity in how we present our posts!

We can resize images in the introduction post, why not in other posts? Surely this is the very minimum creative requirement? Otherwise can we have preferred widths please?