Forward to mailchimp

Is there an automated way to send Patreon posts to a Mailchimp list of non-Patreon folks? I searched a bit but couldn’t find anything… insights appreciated as always!

Hey @lutzbone, can you share a little more about what you’re hoping to achieve? Do you want to send public posts on Patreon to non-patrons? You may want to encourage those people to become followers instead, as then Patreon will do that for you automatically. More info here:

Hi @mindy! Yes, that’s exactly what I’d like to do. I’ve gotten feedback that the initial process of making a Patreon account is sometimes clumsy (especially for the less technically inclined), so I’d like to give my audience some more incentive to jump through those hoops, become followers, and then hopefully become patrons. Forwarding public posts automatically to an email list might be a nice way to do that.

From the perspective of a non-Patreon member, making an account is another password to set up, another site that you’re giving your email, etc. I am pretty sure that a good chunk of my patrons don’t get many or any Patreon notifications - many of them seem to have used junk email addresses (or emails they don’t check often) when they signed up. I think that giving out personal info and making a new password on yet another site is a bigger pain point for many potential patrons than the concept of giving me a couple bucks a month. Not sure what the solution is, but it’s an issue that other creators on here seem to notice too.

Also, forgot to say THANK YOU to @mindy for responding! Patreon is awesome and I appreciate what you do to make it so.