Free 5 Day Instagram "Bootcamp" for Creators - Starts Mon 9/24!

Hello Patreon!

I’ve put together a free, five day Instagram “Bootcamp” for creators starting next Monday 9/24, and I would love to see some of the patreon community there!

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform out there and is the one that I get the most questions on!

So I’ve put together a free, five day Instagram “bootcamp” to help you build a badass instagram to grow more followers, get more likes and comments, attract your ideal clients, establish you as an expert or influencer, and more!

Oh yeah, and to help drive traffic to your awesome patreon page too of course! :smiley:

You can find more details about the bootcamp, including each day’s topic, here:

A bit about me: I’ve been traveling the world as a full-time model for the past six years, and this last year I’ve launched a social media consulting business to empower other creators to build the badass business (& life!) they desire through simplified social media!

I’ve really been so inspired lately to do more and more work helping to bring simplified social media, the tools to grow, and the mindset to have a healthy relationship with our online lives, specifically for creators! I’ve also received so much amazing feedback, and intend on starting a patreon specific to provide these tools and resources to more and more creators soon - stay tuned!

Jin aka The Business Model


Fingers crossed my internet will be sufficient to watch tomorrow. :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for sharing Jin! I hope lots of creators join you, Instagram is such an important resource.

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Just got this Email today so sorry I didnt make it oh by the way it was only sent today from Patreon…shame.

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