Free forum hosting for Patreon creators on Discourse

As a creator on Patreon, you might be eligible for a free, hosted Discourse + SSL.

What’s Discourse?
This is! This forum is hosted by Discourse, so you’re already using it :slight_smile:

What’s on offer?
Patreon has an integration with Discourse which allows fun features for creators if they want to make a forum for their community, like automating badges and user groups for your patrons. For some excellent examples of how Discourse can increase your patron count read the stories of MCrider and The Bitcoin Pub.

Read more and apply for a free Discourse here:

@samflegal @PeteMohrbacher-Angelarium This might be a really nice alternative to the Facebook group for people who are trying to bail from social media.

@mindy Also, thank you for this. I have a really small community, but it is an odd one in that more than half of my patrons are over 40. It makes for a very stable community, but not an adventurous one. The ideas of getting together on Discord and Reddit fell flat. They’re not even big on Patreon as a platform to communicate with. But they have mentioned, somewhat nostalgically, that bringing back forums would be good. So I’ve applied and hopefully I’ll get a chance to try and set this up.