Free Social Media Sheet for all my Fellow Creators

Hey Gang,

So I’ve been finding that I have patrons and fans who care about my music and want to see it thrive but don’t always know the best ways to help do that (other than sending large checks - please send more checks). A lot of my fans are less tech savvy, so they don’t know that they can do things like “use the invite button” to actually invite their friends to my events rather than just sharing them, and that it will have way more impact!

So I put together a basic 2 page sheet of stuff that is simple that they could easily do and that wouldn’t take them much time, but that would help them support me better on social channels. Stuff like inviting all their friends to check out my facebook page, turning on notifications on social channels so they can like stuff right away and it’ll get more traction. Etc. I know there’s more and bigger stuff that they can do, but the goal of this is to just get people doing little stuff that is easy in a way that can help you grow. I don’t know if my patrons will actually take the time to do this, but even if a couple of them do, it’s still a help - so it’s an experiment.

I want to share this document with all of you so you can try it with your fans as well and see if you can get them to help you build your social channels. I have two requests for the way you use this doc:

  1. Send it out only to curated lists (like your patrons) or individual friends and fans. If you post this publicly and ask every fan to do it then pretty soon every band or artist in the world will start doing it and it will create an overload. People will think it’s lame for artists for ask for this kind of help because they’ll be flooded with requests, and nobody will do it anymore.

  2. I’m glad to share this totally free. I would appreciate it if before you shared it with your fans that you go through it once and complete the steps with my social channels to help me build my base as well!

Here you go cats! If you have any suggestions let me know and I can always update!



Awesome, thanks for creating this, I’m interested in checking it out

This is incredible!! What a cool tool for creators to share with their audience.

This was AMAZING. I’ve totally shared it & created a tutorial video:

I linked your YT in the description. Again, mad thanks. Great idea.


Thanks Kate! Im glad you found it useful!


I just wanted to reiterate how helpful this is and thank you for sharing this here :slight_smile: have you seen any impact since doing this 2 weeks ago @glenn?


I have gotten a good response on facebook from people I’ve personally asked to do this, but not so much response yet just from posting it. So the best angle might be to send it personally to superfans.


@glenn This is so awesome, thank you for making this! I am going to propose this to my Patrons I think. I only worry a bit about being too “pushy” xD

@hackettkate That is great!! I am gonna share that video for sure, as I am not a video person myself :slight_smile:


Thank you Glenn!

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