Frequent Captchas

Over the past days, I’ve been prompted to do “click all bicycle”-CAPTCAs like 5-10 times per day. Is this normal?

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Oh my god, same; it’s been driving me up the wall.


Hi @Michel and @tamberlane -
We use Google’s CAPTCHA to protect the security and privacy of all user accounts. When a user attempts to login from an IP address with a poor reputation (VPN’s, Tor, bot-nets, etc.) our system challenges them with a CAPTCHA.

I know this isn’t ideal for you and can slow your workflow, but CAPTCHA is there to keep a high bar of security and privacy for our users. If you change your browser or settings, this might result in you no longer seeing a CAPTCHA.

Sorry there isn’t a simpler answer, but I hope this helps provide some clarity!

The weird thing is, I haven’t changed anything about my browser or settings, nor do I use a VPN or anything like that. I’m not sure what changed, but all of a sudden every time I do anything on Patreon, I have to do the CAPTCHA again. :confused: I did get that Privacy Pass add-on though, and that seems to have helped trim it down.

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I’m using my computer as usual, and this thing has started to appear many times per day. Since you guys send notifications through e-mail, it’s natural that I open your site from them.

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Are you still experiencing this, frequent requests to fill out CAPTCHAS?

Every day. Multiple times per day.

I’ve entered more captchas on Patreon this year that I have from all other sites combined in 20 years.

I can definitely empathize with the frustration.

Thanks for the update, I’ll see if I can find any information about why this may be happening so frequently for you - whether it’s specific to your settings (which could be any number of technical reasons like your internet service provider, IP address changing, location etc.) or if it’s wider known issue or potential bug.