Frequent Captchas

Over the past days, I’ve been prompted to do “click all bicycle”-CAPTCAs like 5-10 times per day. Is this normal?

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Oh my god, same; it’s been driving me up the wall.


Hi @Michel and @tamberlane -
We use Google’s CAPTCHA to protect the security and privacy of all user accounts. When a user attempts to login from an IP address with a poor reputation (VPN’s, Tor, bot-nets, etc.) our system challenges them with a CAPTCHA.

I know this isn’t ideal for you and can slow your workflow, but CAPTCHA is there to keep a high bar of security and privacy for our users. If you change your browser or settings, this might result in you no longer seeing a CAPTCHA.

Sorry there isn’t a simpler answer, but I hope this helps provide some clarity!

The weird thing is, I haven’t changed anything about my browser or settings, nor do I use a VPN or anything like that. I’m not sure what changed, but all of a sudden every time I do anything on Patreon, I have to do the CAPTCHA again. :confused: I did get that Privacy Pass add-on though, and that seems to have helped trim it down.

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I’m using my computer as usual, and this thing has started to appear many times per day. Since you guys send notifications through e-mail, it’s natural that I open your site from them.

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