Frustrated with integrations

I’ve been on Patreon for a while now as a cretor and I’ve gone to their workshop and had a 1on1 consultations with their rep and tried so many different things, but the UI is getting worse and now that I was told a Discord integration would help - I see how extremely complicated and difficult it is to integrate I’m not even going to bother. I mean it’s a freaking forum. Why is it not part of my page anyway???

The integration with Crowdcast was already pretty difficult and it’s been getting worse and worse where creating a new Live show takes soooo much extra time and steps.

Furthermore, it logs me out a lot and I have to do an email confirmation every time which is annoying.

Am I the only one who is frustrated? Is Patreon not aware that they are making matters worse with every month?


I doubt these kind of “venting posts” are useful.
If you have specific problems, e.g. login problems, create a single post just about that, give all the information about the problem (so it can be investigated or even replicated) and then there might be help.

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Well, venting is useful to me. But I’m also hoping others can jump in and share their experiences of how they have overcome these issues. Or maybe someone from Patreon can chime in too.

Hi Alex! I am sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble with the Discord and Crowdcast integrations…I’m sure it has been really frustrating! I wanted to include the links to these resources which may help. I know many creators have had success using both integrations, so I’d love to hear more specifically about what challenges you are facing with each and maybe others can share their experiences with Discord and Crowdcast to see if there are any tips and tricks.

I hope this helps and if you are interested in a follow-up with me to dive deeper, I’d be happy to get something on the cal!

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Yes, I’d like to get on the call because I looked at those articles and they seem to be super complicated. And the livestreaming I’ve been doing for a while but the UI is getting more and more unfriendly so maybe you can tell me how I can streamline it better.

oh and also maybe you can show me how I can avoid being logged out so often.

I gave up on Discord integration ages ago. I use Discord for community, but I have to do everything manually.

I’m with you too, Eric. I am definitely not the tech guy behind my podcast. My ex was. But he’s… Well… EX. I’m not completely tech challenged, but it does take me a long time to learn a new program or code. I’ve found most of the setups for new integrations maddeningly complicated, because it seemed to be assumed I knew how to do everything they just threw at me. Or there’s a twist ending I didn’t see coming.

Like the Patreon WordPress Plug In Pro. I tried for months to get that thing setup properly, except it wouldn’t make the show sound file private. The post itself would be locked and the show went out anyway.

My questions about it were rather gruffly dismissed in the forum or answered in a way that left me more confused than before.

So the two years I paid for this app after being promised in every piece of literature you can LOCK ANYTHING ON YOUR PAGE! After two years of trying to make it work, I’m told “well, anything but that.”. So the one thing I need the program to do it doesn’t do despite everyone telling me it did

And since no one has been able to answer what exactly I might do with my patrons on discord… Imma just gonna sit this one out too.