Funds disapeared?

Yesterday i had 12~form delayed charges since past February 1.
Funny Today i check the payment settings and see “-1$” on founds… what happened there? I din´t send money to my paypal so I was quite surprised seeing disapearing the funds there…
Its a transient fact due some technical aspect or what?

Hmm, the best bet here is to contact CH directly.

Thanks, I did!

But seems like Patreon is allowing refunds without the notification and aprovation of the creator?
Has someone else experienced something similar?

After a brief exchange of correspondence with someone in charge of these matters, it seems that the matter of funds disappearing by magic is due to fraudulent patrons who operate with stolen credit cards.
Patreon returns the money to the legitimate owner, including the fees and the gamin user is banned.
You, as a creator, get your ass. You lose the content downloaded by someone whose operations on the internet are far from reliable and also the money.
Patreon has a nice and extensive article that exempts them from any responsibility in this regard.
“Credit card fraud in online business is a common issue” is the brief answer to this problem.
Up here I can swallow the pill, fuck myself and keep going.
What no longer seems so “tragable” is that Patreon does all this without even sending you a notification about it.

This is pretty much standard operating procedure in the world of internet credit card fraud. There’s a storefront I sell through that regularly does this also. If they didn’t they would get hosed considering I’ve had up to a few thousand dollars in fraudulent purchases run through overnight. If they let me keep the money (that they’ll never get from the CC company), they would have no way of making any money.

And no, there is never any notification for this in my experience as it is all handled in the backend automatically.

If that kind of treatment is good for you, I’m happy for you.
It seems like a shitty deal to me. They always make money, but you are fucked. Fraudulent users are resposabilty of the site operators, not us as creators.
An explanation of why your funds have disappeared does not seem to involve thousands of extra work hours for the Patreon staff, I guess
I find quite lamentable and less professional oneself have investigating why your money has disappeared … besides Patreon does not offer any guarantee of anything. Never.

Part of what Patreon does is handle this on a regular basis, and catches bad actors before they process, handles the chargebacks, and deals with fraud in a general basis.

We have a team dedicated to doing this work, and as @DysonLogos says, this happens across the web. If you were handling your own processing, you’d have to manage this yourself. We continue to make inroads and try to improve the experience.

We’re continuing to explore ways to reduce this - there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, and looking at ways to improve this for you. More to come!

One of the first things Patreon should do on its way to improve things is notify users when they are manipulating their incomes,
All the fight against fraud is great, but maintaining the user’s trust that generates your income is vital.

I’ll share the feedback about finding better ways to inform creators when we’ve had to remove patrons for fraudulent activity. There may be some things the payments team can do to improve this experience so that you have better information when this happens.

One note is that Patreon does cover the chargeback fee for each chargeback. If you were on your own, you’d have to pay this fee. Not only do we pay this fee, we further investigate each incident. We do our best to be creator-first in this regard, but obviously need to work on helping you to understand the value in having your payments run through Patreon.

Thanks, I hope that this kind of issues will improve and / or be solved soon.

Well, if I have to do it by myself, I could decide to whom I give access to my content first. That is something that FAILS here in my opinion.
Everyone can access, then if they pay or not… it’s circusntantial.

Hopefully charge up front will come up soon for you!