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I am a 3D image creator here on Patreon. I’ve been messaging Patreon for several months, possibly even years at this point, asking for a way to be able to select a gallery option to display my images, rather than the continuous scrolling function. I’ve had countless Patrons over my tenure with Patreon say in their exit surveys that they are leaving because they can’t stand the scrolling interface. I have had Patrons message and email me directly saying that the want a gallery option. I, myself want a gallery option because my art is not being displayed in the best possible format. I even had a photographer that shoots models similar to my content that I looked up to for years join my Patreon. I was beyond excited and really humbled to have him come aboard, only to have him leave a month later. He even reached out to me to say that the ONLY reason that he left was because of the scrolling interface. He hated it. Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is? To have someone that I have looked up to and idolized for years leave after a month because of something that I have no control over? What a HUGE letdown. The problem is, so many Patrons think that it is my choice. That I am the one who wants to present it in this way, and nothing could be farther from the truth. I CAN’T stand it. I have even run a poll on my Patreon page and had an overwhelming response stating that the current Patreon interface is not acceptable for displaying art. I usually get about 8-10% of Patrons posting comments on my images. About 25% interact with other miscellaneous polls that I post, but this poll had about 75-90% of patrons responding, and it was a resounding “We want a gallery”. I emailed Patreon’s “help desk” about is some time ago, and the response I received was rather bewildering. To paraphrase, it basically said “That is the biggest thing that we get requests for, but we haven’t done anything about it.” If it’s the biggest thing that gets requested, why is nothing being done about it? I mean, this was over a year ago. In that time, the interface has changed slightly and different features have been added, but why is something like this neglected? I’m truly astonished by it. I’m not even just saying that to get my point across, but because it really puzzles me. Don’t you want to make money? I work very hard and take a great deal of time to create my images, and the fact that they are not being presented in the best possible light does a complete disservice to everything that I work for. I’ve sent several different feedback inquiries to Patreon about this, and I hate to be a broken record, but when you’re right, you’re right. It’s hardly even a matter of opinion really, it’s just an extremely bad decision on Patreon’s behalf. It’s probably the worst business decision since Red Lobster did their ‘all you can eat crab legs’ deal years ago, and lost their ass horribly.

Please, please, PLEASE, do something about this. I really have had such a great overall experience with Patreon in general, but this is enough to make me consider learning html, creating my own website and just doing everything myself. I really hope this is something that will be changed in the near future, because I am really losing patience. It’s been far too long for such a simple and basic idea to come to fruition.

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