Gallery Mode?

So I was wondering what was happening with the gallery browsing mode? I remember it was teased I believe in an email once and I saw one or two people actually having the feature and I thought it was really cool and would be especially useful for patreon accounts that focused on images or videos and stuff like that. But as quickly as it appeared it just disappeared right after and so I was wonder what’s going on with that and if we’ll be seeing anything else related to that soon? I know for sure I’d prefer something like that over the tumblr blog style of posts which if you are focused especially more on art/images it’s not as fun to scroll down so far just to see a bunch of images compared to a nice gallery where you can see so much more at once.


As far as I know the galleries are still functional. Are you having trouble posting in a gallery or just seeing gallery images?

How do you activate the gallery mode? As far as I can tell I don’t see it anywhere in my account, page, or even general browsing settings to show my posts as a gallery.

I think you are talking about different things. Th_Mole speaks about the new ability to publish several images in one post, and vrart1 about displaying posts the Instagram way rather than Facebook way, am I right?

I agree with vrart1 and also would like something like that :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah that’s what I’m talking about. They teased it in an email probably a year ago at this point and I saw some people apparently had it since they did that whole limited release thing but I’ve heard zip since then and it makes me sad because that would be a very nice feature.

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So I was about to open a thread about this when I bumped into this one.
I’m not sure if it was implemented and I’m missing it, in which case I would really like to know how to access it.
A “Gallery” feature would be extremely helpful to all of us who offer images or videos as rewards. Specially when you have different tiers for patrons to access “old works”, and so they need to see which ones are available. I myself have to rely on third party sites such as Deviantart to show those, since scrolling down my page to see all my post would take forever.

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Here’s the article on how to do it!

Thanks! Although, I was aware of that feature. It can indeed work as a “gallery”, but it still gets buried under new posts, and I don’t think it’s a proper way for a patron to browse through 200 pics. I meant something like a “tab” or link in your main page, that would lead patrons who click on it to a gallery. Like a portfolio gallery. Maybe it could be a feature you “activate” from your settings in case you have a use for it. If you don’t, it just won’t show. I don’t know.


Yeah that’s not the kind of galleries we’re talking about in this post.

My bad!

I’m saddened that this feature still hasn’t been implemented. Just something I managed to see by chance before it disappeared again to the ether.