Gallery Posts - Ability for Patreons to Download All


I was super excited when I saw I can post image Galleries, however my Patreons have to individually download each file, and that is a very painstaking and time consuming process for them. I make art, maps, and modular tile sets for TTRPG games (like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder) and some of my tile sets have anywhere from 80-500 items, so posting them as a gallery is not a feasible way for me to get my fans their content. Currently I upload things to Drop Box and share a link to Drop Box, but I have to pay Drop Box for all of that storage, and if I continue doing that for a year or two at the pace I create things, I will run out of storage even there… Personally I would like to do away with Drop Box all together and just use the Gallery posts for my large Tile Sets, but without the ability for my Patreons to Download All, it just will not work.

So please give us that ability to allow “Download All” and it to go to a dirrect Download or even a Zip Folder for them, that would be super awesome!


I’m not sure if your file size is too large, but could you not upload a preview or some of the images in a gallery post, then upload a zip file for them to download?

I did that in the past with stock photos, but I had to break them up into a few separate posts since my zip file was too large.

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I actually like this suggestion.
I distribute 3d printable stl files through my Patreon and they tend to get large. Even if I zip them, current file size limit which is only 200mb is not sufficient so I end up uploading multiple zip files. Either increasing the file size limit or download all option will be nice.