Gallery Tab Mockup

excuse the fact that i just wrote the words instead of finding the matching font but…

c’mon patreon. we’ve been asking for this feature for actual YEARS. patrons are leaving because they can’t find their rewards or because the infinite scroll is broken or we’ve been making content for too long and there’s just too much to go thru. why can’t we have ONE place where our patrons can actually see everything we offer and go thru what interests them?


Yes please!


That would be SO valuable to me and my Patrons!


Amen. Considering the massive amount of revenue that our Patrons earn Patreon collectively surely Jack and his work mates have the resources to implement what we have been asking for, for so long. No one can find our videos from 5 years ago. The scroll is out dated and about as useful as tits on a bull when it comes to finding older content.


Yes! That would be great!




1000% agreed. Galleries are a must for an artist based site. It is beyond me that it has not been implemented yet after literally years of requests. My #1 patron correspondence is by far frustration in not being able to FIND what they are paying for access to. It is shameful.


A gallery feature would be SO helpful!

The Patreon website definitely suffers from navigation issues. Many new patrons seem to get lost easily and lose interest. Each creator’s page needs to have actual folders to organize the content, to better welcome new people to the platform. 100000% Yes to this!


can anyone from patreon actually say whether or not a gallery will be added in the near future? we’ve been begging for this feature for years

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The only way we find out about ‘new features’ which are being implemented appears to be when they accidentally leak the information. And evidence strongly suggests that if creators ask for something, it goes onto the bottom of a list, if it even makes a list at all.