Gallery view for visual artists (as opposed to infinite scroll)

I’m making this post to bring attention to a feature that seems to have been sought after for years now, but never properly implemented.

As an artist this feature would be very nice to have, as my $1 pledge grants my patrons access to a very large back catalog of my work. Right now the only way for someone who wants to browse my body of work is to scroll and scroll and scroll through years worth of artwork.

Please consider adding a gallery view option where posts can be organized by tag, or even manually by the creator. See how deviantart has done this successfully since its inception and consider what a boon it would be to all visual artists on this platform.



Thank you

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Ohh I love this idea and I am sure our patrons would love it too

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Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback @maddestmao, I’ll pass your comments along to the team.

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Great idea.

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oh my god PLEASE let this feature happen. a gallery view with folders we can organize deviantart style would be amazing. infinite scroll simply stops working after a bit.

i recently pledged to the highest tier of a creator because they announced they’d be leaving the platform (because patreon doesnt listen to us :slight_smile: ) and infinite scroll wouldn’t let me go back and see all of their old content. RIP.


For a site all about getting content directly to our supporters, patreon really doesn’t make it easy! Hopefully they start listening and the creator you supported will come back :frowning:

I fully support the idea. The infinite scroll fails to the third page. I post a lot on my page and my patreons suffer a lot to be able to see all my content.

It is very complex to establish a visualization similar to the “catalog” that Tumblr used.


1000 times YES!! A gallery feature is a basic need for a website catering to artists. I’ve been asking for one for 3 years now.


I agree, it would be extremely useful

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Right now I’m directing people to my tumblr archive if they want to view my entire body of work and it’s so silly. It should benefit patreon to keep patrons on their site, no?

Yes great idea. I had a patron complaining to me how he can’t search easily for anything especially as he was new and not sure what was even available on the channel.

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