Gallery view for visual artists (as opposed to infinite scroll)

Hi all, just want to pop in and say we’re noting all of this feedback. We’re not able to implement every suggestion or prioritize them above what we’re currently working on, but please know we’re listening and appreciate all the thoughtful comments!

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Literally, for years, myself and MANY other creators have asked for a Gallery feature. I can show you hundreds of screenshots of exit surveys saying “too hard to find content”.

EDIT: I can also show you many posts on this same forum from long ago where creators have asked for this feature. This cant be that hard. Its just a folder where we can stick content. That’s it.

Please, just give us a big fat, impossible to miss, GALLERY where we can post completed content for our subscribers.

Please. Help.

Here are some examples of Patreon feedback from exit surveys: ALL of these would have been solved with a simple gallery.


Wow it is painful to look at those surveys, Patreon really shooting themselves and their creators in the foot by refusing to add this feature. Maybe our cries will be heard this time? My sympathies to you for those patrons lost through no fault of your own. :frowning:


It’s time to message the staff on linkedin and youtube. what on earth this issue is not a priority after many requests???

Please, Jack CEO’s Patreon, Many creators like me have been requesting a feature to improve the scrolling experience on Patreon, mainly to provide to our patrons better UI during their navigation in our contents, the Infinite scrolling experience is very hard and sometimes laggy, (Just the current Tags system is not enough) Please add Filters and gallery to display small posts like videos and thumbnails, take a look at the Forum it’s being hard to claim to this feature. many years and requesting a nothing has been done… Should we quit from patreon and start our own business page?


After seeing how patreon doesn’t really seem to value us enough to make improvements to their platform, if a competitor were to show up that actually listened to user feedback I’d take my business over to them in a heartbeat. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hello all! My name is Ursula and I lead the product teams focused on the fan and patron experience at Patreon. We deeply appreciate you taking the time to share your experience; the collective feedback from all our creators and patrons helps us identify how to best improve our product. We definitely heard from patrons about the difficulty in finding benefits and earlier this year we introduced a membership page that summarizes benefits, improved the filter functionality on the post page, and added a search post option. We are also currently looking closely at how content is presented on Patreon. It’s too early to share design explorations, and I can’t offer a timeline, but we will be sure to reach out to creators and patrons for continued feedback.


Seeing as this relatively simple feature has been requested for years and never been made a reality, my hopes and expectations are being kept extremely low! :grin: Thanks for your response.


thanks for the response.

but unfortunately, the membership tab is still basically useless as it still relies on infinite scroll which does not work. even if patrons search my tags or key words, they’re going to get HUNDREDS of posts labelled ‘cosplay’. How do they know what to search for? What if I have content they didn’t even know about? What about the creators who have been making content for years and years before the search function was implimented? Their content isn’t going to be as consistently tagged.

i’m grateful for your keeping in touch with creators and responding to our posts but my expectations are on the floor for actual positive change for my user experience on this site.


Ursula - please look at the picture I posted in the first post of this thread:

This, I believe, is what 99% of artists want. Just a button that says gallery. If you need examples of how the gallery itself will look, let us know. Tags, membership page, etc do not come anywhere close to what we want.

We want a BIG, EASY TO FIND, GALLERY button that allows access to our “completed” content. If you need ANY HELP. Please let me know and I can provide examples, ideas, and show you what we are looking for.


@ursula We need a GALLERY. Please I am literally begging you. You wanna make money off of it? Maybe give us a little bit for free and charge us $3-$5 per month to store our files on your servers like DropBox…

Just please, give us a GALLERY. A bit fat clickable icon that has ALL of our content in one simple to use place.


I would LOVE this feature implemented! I’m just starting out but I can see how bad it could get as more content is posted, I think this way it wouldn’t feel too overwhelming to browse! [It could also be separated by month to some degree]

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@maddestmao - yeah, the same response to all these requests for years has been ‘we are listening to your requests, thank you they are very helpful’ - and they don’t do them. I’m not sure why. This is why I’m now leaving patreon. I’ve built my own membership site and already I have a search bar which searches all posts I have made (no tags needed) - if they search ‘dragon’ - then any post with dragon art will come up… etc. It’s not really hard so I don’t get why they’ve not done it.


They just don’t care. I deleted my creator page and moved to Ko-fi. They’re running a racket here.


ko-fi handles great, but they’re not NSFW-friendly, so I can’t use it fully :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be moving to BuyMeACoffee as soon as they implement tiered membership, which is being worked on (promised in the next few weeks).

Gumroad allows NSFW. And Twitter is now making their own system, though it’s not out just yet. They seem more relaxed on NSFW in general, so we’ll see how they handle NSFW in their subscription service.


oh yeah, I use Gumroad! also tried Discord donation bots, Fanbox, Substar, and waiting for Twitter Superfollows too :stuck_out_tongue: I think Onlyfans allows NSFW art as well, but I’m already using too many sites :sweat_smile:


I would have chosen gumroad if they had had a way of having members to post on my posts on there, but they did say that they are planning on bringing that in. It would have been the cheapest option for a membership for me, but sadly, just didn’t get the timing right! I’ve gone for wordpress with a MemberPress plugin and so far so good!

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@maddestmao well it certainly feels like they don’t care now since so much stuff seems to be ignored. And no explanation given. It feels like the ‘we have taken down your pain points and passed it on to the team’ is just an appeasement to make it seem like they’re interested in what we say in here.
They make changes, but it seems never changes that are asked for. And then the changes they do make are announced with ‘here are all the things you asked for’ - AHAHA! yeah.

If you deleted your page, how are you still able to post in here? I have moved now but keeping my patreon page up for six months (without receiving pay) for those who want to have access to my 5 years of posts in there. Then I’ll delete.

Do they have folder implementation?