Gallery view for visual artists (as opposed to infinite scroll)

After a good time using Patreon, and having so much frustration…

HOPEFULLY, I have created my own page with Kajabi platform!
you guys can visit my new website it’s just awesome, I do have my own domain now :slight_smile: no patreon website…

this was my old patreon page if you are curious.

on there I’ve posted a goodbye video to patreon

I have moved already more than 100 patrons to my own page
This means it is not Patreon that is responsible to bring people to you…

IT’S YOU! creators that spend time doing contents in bringing people,
I started using patreon because it was the only way that I Could get support…

Patreon does nothing more than this, it’s just a payment processor,
where you don’t have control of nothing…
WE creators don’t have any kind of support and features solved for years…

Guys, Quit this thing while you have time, don’t lose your time by trying to bringing people in your patreon page,
They will quit because patreon has a horrible interface for video creators, it’s not safe at all to post your youtube videos that can be easily downloaded

believe me, this was the best decision that I’ve made.
Patreon is not FREE, they are getting a good commission from your hard work… THEY should give more value to the creators…

anyway that’s all

I’m still surprised that this isn’t a feature. I distinct remember them sending out an email praising about their upcoming gallery feature. I saw like one user with it. Then nothing else about it since then. Literally one of my only posts on this ‘community’ website is talking about this issue.


I just want to add (ive been begging for this for YEARS now) that I can provide 200 + DM’s from new subs asking “where is the content” in some shape or form.

PLEASE give us an OWNER MANAGED, front and center, EASY TO USE GALLERY! Please!


This specific request is all the proof we need that Patreon does not care about creators. Of all the obvious, needed, and important things to implement, this one would come above everything else, and I don’t post many images!


I wrote a big old reply about this at first, but at this point it feels pretty hopeless to think they’re going to implement a gallery some day.


Your original post was emailed to me. You really should have left it on the forum because it expresses a real sentiment, and rings true.

So did they ever provide any way to make albums, or playlists, or galleries. My big question is how can we resort uploaded items so they play in the right order. 2 features to offer folders/galleries/playlists/albums would be huge as long as we can then resort the items in the order we want them received in. Very surprised neither feature seems to be supported yet ??

The most requested feature for more than three years has seen ZERO attention from Patreon. It’s a shining example of their complete disregard for the needs of creators.

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Seriously, I want this feature. It’s such a insane hassle to scroll through a few months of content, much less over a year’s worth, as it is now. My patrons deserve to be able to easily browse what they’ve paid for. They’re my customers, and I care about their experience.


Patreon does NOT agree with you. They see Patrons as THEIR customers (obvious from the responses they gave when they actively participated here). They see you as a supplier of a commodity.

It’s wrong, and until Patreon changes this corporate mindset, Patrons will continue to be ignored as fungible commodities.

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Anyway just in case nobody’s thought about it in a while here’s Simrell’s collection of the many, many threads begging for this feature over a period of years, which I can only hope might impress upon Patreon staff its importance to basically every single visual creator using this platform:

I assume it’s worth bringing up again, since staff attention has been given to threads that have not had any replies since January, so the only conclusion I can draw is both these threads were accidentally missed.


i still have patrons leaving because they can’t find the content they signed up for, and i know i’m not the only creator with this issue. despite our years worth of begging for this feature, i doubt it’ll ever be made tbh.


We hear you. Organizing years of a back catalogue should be easier. Content organization on Patreon should - and can - work better. I don’t have a simple workaround for you today, but I can share that our product team is now actively looking into how to improve content organization on Patreon.

We want to approach this with a lot of intention and care since the creators who would be most impacted by a change would be creators like you who have been on the platform a long time and have invested a ton of time into creating content for their patrons. We don’t take that lightly and hope to have an update for you soon.

I have read through every single reply on this thread with the team working on this and spent many hours cataloguing your ideas, comments, and thoughts around Gallery View. Perhaps it goes without saying, but THANK YOU you for taking the time to write out how important this is to you – your feedback is invaluable and will directly impact how we build this feature.

I will be closing this thread now (as mentioned here), but if you have more to add or any new ideas for us, please feel free to create a new thread.