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I wanted to make this topic for people to collectively archive the games or game-related content made by the Patreon community.

I’m a game designer and developer of small, free indie games. My games have have been featured in several Gallery Exhibitions and News Articles. Such games include the psychological Who Are You? and the critically acclaimed An/Other (Note: Will not work on Chrome). I use research and interactive design to develop Games for Social Change.


Outside of my independent work and separate from my Patreon, I’m also part of The Three Amiibros gaming commentary group.

Any other Game people here? What do you make? :slight_smile:


I helped create Hiiro. Reception has been mostly quite positive since launch on Steam in July but there are definitely issues with unintended approaches to the game by most players.

I’m interested in nonviolent games based in exploration of a world rather than quantifiable achievements or progression. Not currently developing anything… playing a few games here and there, following gaming news, trying to nail down if there is any path forward for me on the game dev scene, and if so what I’d like to make next.

(By the way, I couldn’t play your games @JSparks, they don’t seem to work on Chrome)


@benjaminharveydesign Definitely want to check it out, I’m very much for non-violent exploration games. :slight_smile:

They don’t seem to work on Chrome

Unfortunately Google stopped supporting the Unity Web Player for Chrome about a year ago for whatever reason. Sadly, I can’t really do anything about that as my games were meant for Web Player and Application Builds and my attempts to port the game to WebGL for Chrome haven’t worked very well since Unity’s HTML5 Web Builder is rather still glitchy now.

The Unity Web Player is a free plugin that works with literally any other browser, so I’d recommend trying to download the plugin and playing it for Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.



I do a weekly podcast on gaming from an intersectional, feminist and diverse POV.[] I also do games crit and writing on various sites.

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Hi there! Chiptune composer here. I have a few game soundtracks under my belt, most of them released on my bandcamp. My Patreon is here.

A long time ago, I also wrote a rhythm/dance game clone in Python, but my primary focus these days is the music. Interested in seeing what all the other game-related folks on Patreon are creating!


Zup gamers!
Im Karl and Im working on a 2D Metroidvania game heavily inspired by Guacamelee, Axiom Verge and Dark Souls, spiced with some Light-RPG goodness and humor, set in an “Early Age Steampunk-Universe” with an unique graphical design.
All backers get a free copy of the game when its out!


Looks neat, Karl! Btw, might want to fix a typo in your creation type to get more attention for your page: “metrodivania”


Whaa! All these hashtags over the last 6 months have been typos >.<
Thanks for your a dvicee man. And stay tuned for a trailer coming up!

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My Trailer is finally up! Please check it out!


I do games! I’m pretty indie, but I feel kind of mainstream in this thread. :sweat: I do RPGs and VNs, complex but fairly low production values so far. I hope with continued success on Patreon I can keep taking my work up a level, though!

@karlfredriksson88: Big fan of Metroidvanias, I will check it out!


Hey guys :slight_smile: - wanted to say hi. We are developing a music album made as a game with some cool artists (we have guys from Guns N’ Roses, former Evanescence, Within Temptation and others)… working with UE4 and are happy to be here :slight_smile:

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@arnoldnesis , looks like a cool idea! I’m a big fan of Arjen (I actually wanted to do a chiptune version of some Star One tracks) and I used to listen to a ton of Therion… curious to see where your project goes!

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This is our teaser trailer for Escalation 1985.

Escalation 1985 is a first person shooter that puts players in the role of front line soldiers in an epic what-if battle between NATO and the Warsaw Pact.


Hello, I am Khaledantar666, I started the modding adventure back in 2009 with Street Fighter IV Vanilla, and I had a lot of fun making mods since then for that game and also Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultra Street Fighter IV. Now I’m very excited to make mods for STREET FIGHTER V and I hope you will like my creations. I always put all my energy, my knowledge and patience when I make mods and Quality is my motto, here is my Patreon page :

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I recently came out of an artist/community manager job at Questionable Quality. Sadly they’re not focusing on games anymore, but I did get to design some really fun characters and assets. I’m also new to Voice Acting too, although the only game I’m in right now is an enemy or two for We Happy Few.

I’ve worked on:
Siofra VR • Everything but programming
Inferno Botanica • Art
That’s My Jellybean • Character Design (Hydra/Hydra Baby + Sausage Dog) & Logo
Fantastical Flora • Plant Art/Character Design
Drillin’ Around • Character Design & Some Animation (See this guy)

I didn’t get on so much with animation, but I still adore world/character design and voice acting for games. :heart: Sadly I can’t program, so I’ll only be back on them when collabing.

My Patreon’s over here if you want to see any more of my stuff.



I’m new to the forums! I am currently using Patreon to show the making of my first video game. Feel free to have a look:

It’s a comedic, sci-fi, love story. It’s Mario meets Telltale. I’ve spent five years on it, and am always looking to collaborate with others on Patreon.


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Hello! New here, but I’m very much more in the analog tabletop side of gaming.

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Looks good!
Any gameplay?
What kind of game is it?

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Thanks! Gameplay is still a bit out, but it’s an FPS with a heavy leaning on vehicles (motorised infantry). If time/money permitted, we are going to do helos and aircraft as well.


Nice and good luck!
Time is always the problem :confused:
Wish you all the best!

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