Generating Outputs from your patron list

Is there any way to more easily get the output of your patron list? There’s currently a way to download it as a CSV, but for instance that makes a separate column for last names which makes copy-pasting a hassle for most programs as it creates a huge space between them until you delete it, and it also includes a lot of excess information (for instance, the entirety of a role’s description, lifetime pledges, current pledge, timestamps, etc.)

I can understand that this information would have some uses, but it’s very difficult to parse through and I think an overwhelming majority of creators (at least video creators) mostly want a compact list of just the processed names in a single column, with maybe a break for each tier. I’m just trying to find some way to easily extract a list of supporters above a certain point so I can credit them in my videos, as per their reward.

Are there any other ways to get this information easily or even third party tools to sort through or download it?

Additionally, in Patreon itself, it’d also be good to have a more modular download of the CSV, one that allows you to download just selected members and include or exclude bits of information.

Good news @Zedrin - there is more coming on this front. @erin may be able to share some more, but we definitely know this is a pain point.

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Are there any more updates on this topic? It never received any further replies.

I did find that there are two ‘solutions’ that are available as patreon apps, those being Zapier and Patronizer. Zapier unfortunately only generates a list based on new pledges, not on pledges that change or withdraw, so it’s not really useful by any noticeable measure.
Meanwhile Patronizer is a paid service for anyone with over 25 patrons with a lot of bells and whistles.

Is there anything more coming on Patreon itself? The information’s available already, I just want to be able to process it better.

This was the only topic i could really find, related to CSV issues similar to what i was curious about, so I’m going to bump it with a little addition:

When downloading CSV on a single patron, it only gives you the most recent pledge amount and date. It does not give you all the information on that person, all their payments and how much, etc. This is really unfortunate for those of us who have rewards that are “over time” and sometimes need an easy way to confirm how long someone has been at a SPECIFIC tier, not just their lifetime total and their last pledge. (The manager only shows last 3 payments with no options to expand but it has that information so i’m not sure why that isn’t available in the CSV of the specific person.)

I have this stuff logged in my own file elsewhere but while talking to said patron i thought i might have inputted the start date incorrectly and wanted to check. However now it looks like i have to go through each of the last 4-5 pay periods to confirm instead of being able to just, download a CSV with relevant information on said patron.