Get 6 times more eneganment using Patreon email newsletter

Just released this video on how people can get started with Patreon and the best ways to start a email newsletter.

You can watch it here:


I’ve been doing an email newsletter since the 90’s. I started it as an added feature when I was writing for About and Bella, migrated it to an announcements-only Yahoo Group (remember when that was where people kept up with their friends?), and eventually moved it to Mad Mimi, so I could send visually pleasing messages instead of text. Keeping my own email list, independent of whichever platform(s) I’m working on this year, is worth its weight in gold.


Dina! Love this video and so happy to have discovered you! <3


This is super rad! Would love to chat more about this, @Lettershoppe!

I have 4k+ subs on my mailing list, wish I could move them all over to Patreon, this actually makes so much sense! Any ideas on how I might inspire folk to follow me on Patreon??

Thank you, great info!


Awesome video, thanks!

How do you get people to ‘Follow’ you aka sign up for your newsletter? Where’s the magic happening? Do you link into your posts and ask people to hit the follow button or?


Nate, I’d do a teaser via email, linking to the full newsletter content on Patreon, with the link to follow you at the end.


Nice idea, thanks!

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Thanks for this video! I especially love your promotion tips.

I’m curious, is your open rate high for the emails? And can you see the open rate differences between patrons and followers? (Not sure if that’s even available, so just asking.) I feel like many of my patrons don’t read the email updates. That could be for a few reasons, so I’m wondering what you’re seeing.

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Is there a way to extract follower e-mail addresses? It would seem that would be a benefit of a dedicated mailing list service like Mailchimp or CC.

That’s illegal, I believe.

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I don’t mean extracting the e-mails for nefarious purposes or against the will of the subscribers. I just mean that if the original poster is suggesting using Patreon as a mailing list replacement, then it’s lacking a feature of commercial mailing list services which is portability.

For instance, I back up my Mailchimp list every so often in case Mailchimp changes their terms of service, drastically increases their costs, goes out of business, or a better alternative provider presents itself. I found this exact problem with Facebook. I built a fan page - and spent money to do so - which was useful at reaching my 15,000 FB fans and then FB’s system changed overnight making it impossible to message those fans and they now want to charge me to ‘maybe’ reach some of them.

I’d just caution anyone against building up a mailing list which they can’t take with them.

Yes but you asked about extracting emails from “followers”. I assume by that you meant Patreon followers. They have not actively given you their email address or consented to their data being collected and therefore it would be illegal to do so. Of course you didn’t have something nefarious in mind, but the intention is not relevant in this case. You would have to make a post and ask your followers to sign up to your newsletter or similar, if you really needed their email.


Totally agree, Joumana. Thanks for confirming!


I’d love to hear how this is going for you if you’ve been able to try this in the past 2 weeks :smiley:

Reminder that once Patreon goes away, so does your list, tho. Followers in particular would be completely lost; we don’t get their email address. Own as much of your audience as you can. I love Patreon, but these providers come and go.